Sweet Maria’s Emailer 3/21/2019

Here’s the emailer that we sent on 3/21. If you want to subscribe, sign up on the bottom of our homepage.

Colombia Buesaco Cristian Adarme – Fans of fruit-forward washed coffees should take notice: fresh stone fruit, cranberry sauce, raspberry, dried nectarine, cascara tea and finishing note of Hefeweizen beer with lemon. Perhaps “wild” for washed but quite clean.

Colombia La Plata Raul Hector – Undercurrent of brown sugar-like sweetness, with floral butterscotch and an understated blackberry note. Deeper roasting brings out prune/plum dried fruit and bittersweet chocolate. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Xinabajul Señor Aler – Brewing up a City+ roast yields a clean cup, lemon-like acidity counterbalanced by compact raw sugar sweetness, notes of caramelizing sugars, honey-infused dark chocolate and a subtle dried fruit accent.

Guatemala Dry Process Finca Rosma – Intense “natural” taste showing woodsy flavors and naturally dried fruit notes such as apricot and nectarine. Bittersweet roast tone at Full City with smokey cedar plank and dried prune in the finish. Good espresso.

Burundi Kiganda Murambi – Murambi is a light to medium-bodied cup with mouth cleansing acidity. Flavors of turbinado and sucanat are accented by top notes of black currant, dried apple, rhubarb and mulling spice.

Ethiopia Nansebo Tulu Golla – Perfumed floral Star jasmine and honeysuckle notes, abundant sweetness of simple syrup, table sugar, fragrant honey, and a light citrus water brightness. Delicate, clean and vibrant when roasted light.

Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Dambi Uddo – Dried and cooked fruits are shadowed by earth-toned sugars; natural dried apricot, coconut flakes, cooked strawberry, chocolate-dipped banana, rice syrup, rustic palm sugars and baking cocoa. Intense cup. Wild espresso.


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