Sweet Maria’s Emailer 4/10/2019

Here’s the emailer that we sent on 4/10. If you want to subscribe, sign up on the bottom of our homepage.

Burundi Kayanza Yandaro StationCherry flesh and orange pulp notes are understated, with caramel and molasses-type sugary sweetness more dominant, and citric to black tea-like vibrance. Surprisingly chocolatey at Full City. Good for espresso.

Costa Rica Don Mayo El Llano – Caramelizing sugar flavors from hot to cool, and notes of toasted almond and toffee nut offer a nice counterpoint, as do hints of dried apple, and brisk black tea.

Ethiopia Guji Sare Saba – Cane juice, subtle floral notes, pointed sweetness, and tea-like accents. Simple syrup sweetness is transparent and buoys fruited notes of citrus and berry, moving into a doughy finishing note.

Colombia Honey Process Abraham Imbajoa – A honey coffee with flavor aspects of a fruit-forward natural; intense dried fruit flavors, immense body, and a somewhat muted acidity. Rustic sweetness, dried apricot and apple, and cherry pulp.

Honduras San Antonio Las Botijas – Compact bittersweetness, almond bark and dark cocoa, rustic dried fruit accents, and a green aroma like pine wood. Las Botijas is a good candidate for darker roasting. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Honey Process Xinabajul Producers – The cup has milky texture at City+ and Full City and carries a caramel and cane sugar sweetness into the aftertaste, with bittersweet accents, and hints of dried apple, cranberry, walnut, almond.


Once in a while Sweet Maria’s customer Larry Cotton blows our minds by sending us photos or a video of a new homemade coffee roaster creation made from basic parts and not-so-basic engineering. Here’s his latest.


Tom shot some great footage during his last trip to Guatemala where he visited Carmona, Pulcal, the processing facility that a lot of our Guatemalan coffee will come from this year.

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