Tidal Wave of New Coffee Arrivals

So many new arrivals at once. Some lots were delayed in shipping, but everything seemed to come in at once! Therefore, it’s all I can manage right now to give you a list of links and some short descriptions – Tom

  • Brazil Daterra Farms -Yellow Bourbon – I have been waiting for this arrival forever; a complex coffee from a fantastic “model” farm.
  • Brazil FTO Dry-Process Poco Fundo – That fruited, earthy, chocolatey rustic beast. This particular lot was very nice.
  • Ethiopia FTO Yirgacheffe Oromia – Incredible early arrival. Jasmine, jasmine, jasmine.
  • Rwanda FT Duhingekawa Womens Cooperative – A sweet citrusy coffee from 70 women in Rushashi Rwanda.
  • Sumatra FTO Gayo – Tanah Tinggi – Extremely low acidity, high body, dense, foresty.
  • Hawaii Kona – Kowali Blue Mountain – A micro, micro lot of Jamaica Blue Mountain seedstock grown by Skip and Rita in Hawaii.
  • Hawaii Kona – Moki’s FarmTypica cultivar in the traditional vein from a true mauka farm in Kona.
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