Video: Kenya Coffee Clips (& Cupping)

Get ready for some bushwhacking in a Land Rover, goats, and even some scenes of the current Kenya coffee harvest.

Coffee travels in Kiambu, Kirinyaga and Nyeri with T.O.

I stitched together some footage he shot during his recent trip to Kenya. coffee cherry harvesting, lessons of the washing channel and the cupping lab.

It was a pleasure to see Kenya in harvest, although in some places it was a little early. There’s nothing wrong with early harvest coffee, it just tends to demand more selective hand-picking and sorting.

I detail some of the varieties grown in Kenya here, SL-28 and 34 (Scott Labs varieties from the 1930s), and the way Ruiru 11, a newer hybrid from Kenya Research is grafted.

Generally in Kenya the coffee is harvested by the farm owner and family, and there might be some paid helpers. But the farms in the highlands of Kirinyaga, Nyeri and other regions tend to be quite small. Sometimes neighbors simply trade assistance: you harvest my coffee with me, and I harvest yours.

In the cupping lab I look at the huge range of commercial grades of coffee, noting that it comes from good farms and coops often: there aren’t necessarily separate “commercial farms”. Low grades come from even the best farms.

I also note that if you are concerned about your own health in terms of coffee consumption, don’t drink low grade cheap coffee, especially that which is sold as already-ground coffee in the US or as Instant coffee. That is where the off grades, broken bits and musty/moldy coffee goes. -Thompson

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