3 is the Magic Number

Yes it is, it’s the magic number. Three new offerings on shrub today: a superb example of the floral and citrus notes found in the really fine coffees from Rwanda, a washed Ethiopia that’s crazy sweet and bright and pulling some really amazing SO shots, and a coffee from Guatemala that we “cellared” if you will, and is cupping even better than when it first arrived!

Rwanda Remera Nyarusiza


“This is a classic Rwanda cup that can take a wide range of roasts, light to dark. The dry fragrance has a balanced sweetness, brown sugar and molasses, brown bread and cinnamon, with dark spice tea aromas. Wet aromatics have rose-like floral notes, and caramelized cane sugar sweetness. This cup has lots of sweet mulling spices to it; dried orange peel, cinnamon bark, clove, and allspice.”

Ethiopia Sidama Bonko


“There is that sugary, confectionary sweetness , accented with citrus and a touch of spice. The body is clear and light, which suits the high tonal range of the cup well. I recommend light roasts here to compliment the bright cup, and not to overshadow the flavors I mention with a veil of darker roast taste. But I had great FC roasts as well. The body is a little heavier at FC, and the chocolate roast taste is suave, layered, backed with dark fruit tones.”

Guatemala San Juan Sacatepequez – Villa Lupe


” My lighter roasts were the best, City to City+ roast range. At this level the cup has a very well-structured acidity, peach with mild citric hints. The roast taste is rather candy-like, and still has that clean hazelnut note. It’s not a super powerful cup, but very refreshing on the palate, with an elegant and cleanly disappearing aftertaste. The body is light, with a silky feel. The refined flavors and finish suggest that this coffee is really well picked, with good cherry selection, and really well processed at the wet mill and dry mill.”