Sweet Maria’s Emailer 9/28/2018

Sept. 28, 2018
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Colombia Caicedo Las Alegrias – Light roasts promise tea-like tannic mouthfeel, green grape and cherry pulp, wine-like accents, molasses sweet tones, aromatic sandalwood, and cinnamon. Bittersweet at darker roast levels.

Colombia Nariño Rio Juanambu – A crowd pleasing, bittersweet cup at a wide roast range. Buttery toffee, caramel coated almond, coffee cake crumble, loads of bittersweet cocoa, and an apple/malic impression. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Antigua Finca Retana – An approachable cup, with a restrained flavor profile, sugar browining sweetness, apple and stone fruit accents, and a tannic finish. Chocolate roast tones in deeper roasts. Good for espresso.

Rwanda Karongi Nyarubuye Station – This coffee exhibits a sound base of dark sugary sweetness from aromatics on into the brewed coffee, almond brittle candy, caramel pudding, cardamom spice, and aromatic wood.

Ethiopia Agaro Duromina Cooperative – Duromina has an intense cup profile at a wide range of roasts, honey sweetness accented by notes of peach and nectarine, orange marmalade, fruit-infused green tea, a kaffir lime floral aroma, and so much more. Good for espresso.

Honduras Organic Belen La Lesquiñada – Middle roasts have balanced sweetness, with raisin, cardamom, herbal, and almond notes, and soft acidity. Full City harnesses a mix of high % cacao bar and a tropical fruit accent. Good for espresso.

Mexico Dry Process San Antonio Farm – Marked by cooked berry aroma, cup flavors go from cherry wine to bittersweet bass tones, unrefined sugars, and dark chocolates filled with fruit liqueur. Bodied across the roast spectrum. Good for espresso.

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  • Tom was in Rwanda in May and recently had a chance to post some of his travel photos. This was also an opportunity to use our new library platform as a place to post pictures. Stay tuned for even more photos as we update past travelogues and add new ones.

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