Lost and Found Coffee: June 2016

June 6, 2016

Did your favorite coffee go out of stock last month? It might be on this list of coffees that we recently ran out of. Check out our suggestions for replacements that we think you will enjoy. This a great opportunity to try new coffees with similar flavors and characteristics.


Kenya Nyeri Ichuga AB

A nice interplay of sweet and tart flavors, along with weighty body. Moderate acidity, making this a good espresso in  deeper roast levels. A juicy cup with layers of dark dried-fruit flavors.

Try these…

Kenya Kiamaini AB

Ethiopia Nano Challa


Papua New Guinea Obura-Wonenara

Obura had a butter and sugar sweetness with dried fruit accents along the way. Fruited notes like black fig, prune and an indistinct tropical aspect that added to the overall picture. It had a harmonious ‘mesh’ of rustic sweetness and fruit notes. Full City roast level added a smokey cocoa layer to the mix, with fruit and bittersweetness still very much intact.

Try these…

PNG Kiantu Sero

Congo Kivu Kalehe Coop


Rwanda Karenge Coffee Villages

Coffee Villages was an approachable coffee – simple, yet refined characteristics. There was a structured brightness, with a rindy citrus and lemon zest with a bit of black tea-like bittering in the finish. The cup was really dynamic, clean, pointedly bright, and improved even more with several days rest after roasting. .

Try these…

Rwanda Nyamasheke Nyungwe Cooperative

Rwanda Rusizi Gashonga Cooperative


Rwanda Nyamasheke SWP Decaf

This decaf lot of Mutovu had convincing sweetness across the roast spectrum. The sweetness and mouthfeel were very close to the non-decaf version, with muscovado sugar sweetness, dried apple, and an herbal, horehound candy top note.  There was a black tea-like acidity too, not overly bright, but a feature missing in so many decaf coffees. The finish showed some decaf notes – a slight breadiness as well as tannins – but also a balancing flavor of fine Dutch cocoa. A great option for decaf espresso.

Try these…

Guatemala Finca Rosma SWP Decaf

Tanzania Iyula Group SWP Decaf


Rwanda Karongi Gitesi

Gitesi was intensely sweet with demurara sugar providing the backdrop to baking spice complexity. Golden raisin and dried apple notes came up as the coffee cooled, with beautiful lemon oil and orange blossom-like florals accenting the cup. Fruits were in focus at lower temps. Dark roasts were very sweet, with chocolate/cacao roast tones and fine spiced Mexican cocoa flavor in the finish.

Try these…

Rwanda Rusizi Gashonga Coop

Burundi Kayanza Mpemba

Rwanda Nyamesheke Nyungwe Coop


Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma

Rosma was a coffee that cupped with equally high levels of sweetness, fruit, and acidity. It was loaded with honey and caramel The darker you took it, the more high % cacao bar was expressed. The acidity ‘popped’ too. So delicious – thick, rich chocolate flavors and deeply sweet.

Try these…

Costa Rica Helsar Magdalena Vega

Burundi Mutambu Rubanda


Tanzania Mara Tarime

This coffee was uniquely fruited as it asserted deep chocolate notes. Baker’s chocolate added a pleasant bittersweet edge and a syrupy blackberry flavor that lingered through the long finish. There was also a sweet, dark tobacco hint with a black pepper accent.

Try these…

Congo Kivu Kalehe Cooperative

Burundi Busiga Maururi


Ethiopia Guji Mauz Sini

This coffee had a strong presence of unrefined sugars and florals, like jasmine and lilac. It was filled out with notes of peach, tangerine and tart pomegranate. The bold florals never let up. There was a long sweetness, tart-to-sweet berries, jasmine and lots of chocolate.

Try these…

Ethiopia Gedeo Zone Gedeb Asasa

Ethiopia Nano Challa


Costa Rica Tarrazu – Oscar 1800

The base coffee flavors were built around raw sugars, almond, pecan, and a touch of toasted grain. Light roasts had a green tea-like quality, which accentuated the roast barley notes and added to the mouth-cleansing affect. Darker roasts brought about a slightly juicier side, like lemonade, followed by a baker’s cocoa powder flavor, candied citrus rind, and black walnut in the finish.

Try these…

Costa Rica Helsar – Magdalena Vega

Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente

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