New: Sulawesi WP Toraja, Salvador Santa Rita, Nicaragua Jinotega Mancotal and Panama Flores de Boquete

March is on! Four unique arrivals today: Sulawesi Wet-Process Toraja, El Salvador Molino de Santa Rita, Nicaragua Jinotega FTO Mancotal and Panama Las Flores de Boquete. Let’s start with the unusual Sulawesi Wet-Process Toraja. This coffee, like a refined central, was washed instead of the usual wet-hulled process. It’s a dynamic big bean at that with piney florals and bright aromatics. The El Salvador Molino de Santa Rita is a classic Bourbon coffee, good for espresso with nut-to-chocolate roast taste range. Next is Nicaragua Jinotega FTO Mancotal, a real crowd-pleaser, with balance between body and brightness. Look for sweet root beer and almond in the cup. Bringing up the rear is the Panama Las Flores de Boquete, a classically bright and balanced central with apricot and bittersweet chocolate.

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