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“Popper is a Coffee Roaster” is a new-ish addition to the home coffee roasting lineup. It’s an air roaster based on, as the name states, the air popcorn poppers people have used to roast coffee for decades.

Popper uses the same type of roast chamber as the air popcorn poppers, and adds heat control and fan speed control, as well as a timer and cooling cycle.

Popper offers easy control of heat and air flow, for those who want to make manual adjustments during the coffee roasting process. This is a moderately-priced machine that roasts coffee evenly, and offers simple, intuitive user control. We suggest roasting 85 gram batches (3 oz) initially for best results. We find we can step up to 90-100 grams later provided the coffee passes the “spin test.”

By default, Popper starts with a default 7 minute roast cycle and a 3 minute cooling cycle, although these can be adjusted at any time when roasting. Popper has no pre-programmed roast settings, but you can manually profile roasts using the heat and air control knobs.

Popper can do a range of roasts, but is best for light and medium roasts. It can roast well for espresso too, but we don’t think it is good for those who only like French roast beans. Like all roasters, you need to stay by the machine to monitor the roast when it’s in use!

Also, here’s a quick to Popper in the Sweet Maria’s web cart.

On this page you will find our collected support articles for Popper coffee roaster. You may notice we put the extensive FAQ page under all sections because it has so much information!

  • Popper Basics: Intro and FAQ
  • Popper Roasting Tips
  • Popper Troubleshooting
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Popper Basics: Intro and FAQ

Popper Roasting Tips

Popper Coffee Roaster Troubleshooting

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