Sweet Maria’s Emailer 3/8/2019

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Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kebele BojiFloral character in the cup is way out front in light roasts, fragrant Stargazer lily and lilac, with transparent simple syrup sweetness, raw honey, and a tropical/banana note. An aromatic cup at a wide roast range.

Brazil Pulp Natural Fazenda Santa Ines – A red raisin note underscored by caramelizing sugar and toffee sweetness, and nut and carob finishing accents. Softness you’d expect from Brazil and body is thick, as are chocolate characteristics. Good for espresso.

Brazil Dry Process Pedra Branca Lot 1 – Robust cocoa roast flavors are matched by unrefined, molasses-like sweetness, with dried banana and berry accents. Big cacao bass notes at Full City. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Xinabajul Producers – Flavor components of minimally refined sugars, roasted almond, apple, pungent dark cocoa roast tones, and molasses finishing note. Acidity has an apple-like quality. Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador – Full City shows bittering baker’s cocoa and a touch of barley malt, along with rye bread and licorice root finishing accents. Inky body and lasting bittersweetness. Good for espresso.

Peru Huabal La Esperanza – Buoyant body and cup flavors are centered around light brown sugar, caramel and milk chocolate, with a soft raisin/dried dark fruit finishing note. Mild acidity, body, and balance.  Good for espresso.

Burundi Kazoza N’Ikawa Station – City roasts brew nicely, raw sugarcane juice underpins top notes of dried apple, lemon zest and cinnamon stick. Acidity really pops like lemonade and the finish is brisk and clean.

Kenya Nyeri Aberdare AA– Aberdare AA is a spiced cup with a dark sugar sweetness, notes of grape, cinnamon stick and tart cranberry lemonade, along with a sandalwood impression in the long aftertaste.

Kenya Kiambu Mandela Estate AB – Full City works well and roast development shining a light on rich, bittersweet chocolate flavors and tangy citrus notes, like orange-infused dark chocolate. For those who enjoy a vibrant espresso shot this one’s for you.

Espresso Workshop #44 Carga Larga – At FC, high % cacao with a twist of lemon juice, licorice root, burned sugars and dark berry accent note. FC+ are all about complex roast tones: bittering cacao, carbonized bittersweetness, fruited pipe tobacco aroma.
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If you were weren’t able to catch our Bullet and Quest Demo, don’t sweat it. We recorded the live stream and it’s available for you to watch anytime. Tom and Dan discussed these two high quality machines and went into detail about how they roast.

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