Air Popper Coffee Roasting Resource Page

We have pulled together all our Air Popcorn Popper / Coffee Roaster Information here!

Roasting coffee in an electric popcorn popper might have sounded offbeat the first time you heard about it. It sure did to me! But I soon found it has so much going for it! We highly recommend this method, because it is inexpensive, and it roasts coffee evenly! You can roast is an iron skillet but it’s too easy to scorch the coffee that way. 

Air poppers heat and move the coffee resulting in scorch-free roasts and a better-tasting cup! Find one at a thrift store or garage sale, or buy a new one from us. And air popper coffee roaster is fast and fun to use!

Also, here’s a quick link to all our Air Roasters in the Sweet Maria’s web cart, including popcorn poppers.

On this page you will find these sections below:

  • Air Popper Basics: Intro’s and How-To’s
  • Air Popcorn Popper Advanced Roasting Tips
  • Air Popper Modifications
  • Gallery of All Sweet Maria’s Air Popper Posts.

Air Popper Basics: Intro's and How-To's

Air Popcorn Popper Advanced Roasting Tips

Air Popcorn Popper Modifications

Our Air Popper Post Gallery

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