Gesha Fusion! New: Panama Jurutungo Gesha, Panama Jurutungo Caturra/Gesha hybrid, Ecuador Organic Espindola, Sumatra Mandheling, Brazil Cerrado Decaf

Five New Coffees: Panama Jurutungo Gesha, Panama Jurutungo Caturra X Gesha, Ecuador Organic Espindola Small Producers, Sumatra Grade 1 Mandheling and Brazil Cerrado WP Decaf We have some exciting offerings today, including two limited Geshas from the Jurutungo farm in Panama! The Panama Jurutungo Gesha is as one would expect in a Gesha: complex floral, honey, caramel, and vanilla tastes. The Panama Jurutungo Caturra X Gesha is a Gesha-Caturra hybrid that is a little harder to pin down with its syrupy sweetness and lesser florals. These hand-sorted lots are extremely small; please limit 1lb per customer so all can try. The Ecuador Organic Espindola Small Producers is an interesting origin blend with stone fruit, caramelized sugar and root beer in the cup. Again, we limit sales to 2-lbs max. Next is a familiar, the Sumatra Grade 1 Mandheling with its bass-note body and dark chocolate. Of course, it’s also perfect for espresso/blends. Last up is the Brazil Cerrado WP Decaf with mild fruits, creamy body, and chocolate biscuit. Be sure to click through to the full reviews and also Tom’s espresso/blend suggestion for the Brazil.

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