Race Against Time: 15 Arrivals at Once (ugh)

I am racing against the clock to add all these new arrivals before leaving for the first-ever Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition on Thursday night. I am going to split this into 3 parts: New Centrals; South America + a new DP Ethiopia; 6 new decafs arrive at once.

  • Part 1: A smattering of new crop Centrals from mid-harvest. Costa Rica Helsar “Typica Villalobos” is our second pure cultivar lot from this fine Micro-Mill, a balanced cup with soft chocolate tones. On the other extreme, a Central American that cups like a DP Sidamo; heavily fruited El Salvador Santa Rita Full Natural. (Note… I messed up; this lot arrives Thursday August 28). Then there is the famous one, #1 in Cup of Excellence for Bourbon last year, and for this cultivar in ’08: Guatemala El Injerto Estate Pacamara (we will have the very spendy auction lot version later). We have a very high-grown Huehuetenango with a classic, bright cup: Guatemala Huehuetenango “Quetzal Azul”. Like the Santa Rita Full Natural, we also have the Mexico Organic Nayarit Dry-Process, as we did last year. Dry-Process = Natural. Natural = Dry-Process. In Central America it means lower acidity, heavy body, fruit, and great intensity.
  • Part 2: Brazil -Colombia-Colombia-Ethiopia. It’s an odd time to be getting a Brazil, with new crop 4 months out. But this lot was too distinct, with complex character: Brazil Pocos de Caldas -Fazenda Barreiro. The Colombia Organic Cauca Tierradentro (2-Star) is a really nice regional lot we found, whereas the Colombia “Perros Bravos de Huila” (3-Star) is a whole different beast, a lot we built through cupping around a hundred tiny farm-distinct Huila lots. And on a different note, a super wildly-fruited Ethiopia along the lines of the dry-process Koratie: Ethiopia Organic DP -Dale Yirga Alem.
  • Part 3: A mixed container of small lot decafs all arrived at once. Colombia WP Decaf -Huila Pitalito, Ethiopia Organic Natural Djimma WP Decaf, Guatemala Huehuetenango WP Decaf, Mexico Organic Oaxaca WP Decaf, Panama Boquete WP Decaf “Panamaria”, Papua New Guinea Peaberry WP Decaf . There’s a huge range in cup flavors here, from the “fruit bomb” Ethiopia Djimma to the restrained Mexico Organic. Check out the reviewsWhew” -Tom
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