Single Bean Macros: Varietals and Processes

This is a collection of single seed coffee images I took, representing different varietals and processes. It is by no means exhaustive, simply what I had available nearby. All images are at the same magnification. All are wet-process unless noted otherwise.  -Tom

kona typica

ethiopia dp harar longberry

ethiopia dp harar shortberry

india robusta peberry

india wet-process robusta

monsooned india arabica

zanzibar liberica

india dry process liberica

cameroon java longeberry

nicaragua java longeberry


pacamara peaberry

panama gesha

honduras pacamara

Ethiopia Djimma Longeberry

Yemen Moka

Malawi Catimor

Rwanda Bourbon

Sulawesi Semi-Washed

Sumatra Semi-Washed

Guatemala Yellow Bourbon

Sumatra Aged

Australia Mundo Novo

Parchment Coffee

Green Bean Inside Parchment Shell

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