Sweet Maria’s Emailer 1/11/2018

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Guatemala Finca Cabrejo Yellow Bourbon – This Yellow Bourbon lot is all about balance and cleanliness, brown sugar and bittersweet roast tone underscore the cup, with candied nut, raisin and baking spice top notes to a subtler degree. Good for espresso.

Rwanda Rulindo Tumba Lot 442 – Tumba offers flavors of sweetened black tea, replete with a brisk lemon accent, notes of orange, raisin, and citrus-like acidity. Full City yields dark chocolate, Medjool date, grape, and spiced finish. Good for espresso.

Peru FTO Cajamarca Nuevo Trujillo – Light to medium roasts develope flavor notes of honey biscuit, rindy citrus accents, hazelnut syrup, almond paste, and subtle accents of golden raisin and dried apricot. Rich bittersweetness with deeper roast development.

Sumatra Wet Process Gunung Tujuh – City+ yields a sweet foundation of burned sugar and caramel/toffee, a yellow custard note, dried apple, tamarind, a basil hint, and a vibrant rindy orange flavor. A clean, wet processed Sumatran coffee. Good for espresso.

Flores Poco Ranaka – Aroma of brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk, with flavor notes of unrefined sugars, fresh tarragon leaf, roasted barley, baker’s cocoa, and aromatic cedar. Good for espresso.

Colombia Nariño La Union Microlot – La Union’s foundation is like brown, panela, and muscovado sugar sweetness, accented by perfumed cane juice, dark raisin and candied citrus peel. Bittersweetness with darker roast development. Good for espresso.

Brazil Dry Process Fazenda Campos Altos – Fruited notes are somewhat edgy, but with convincing sweetness underneath -overripe berry, dried prune, dark baking chocolate, roasted nut, and creamy body. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Buena Vista Malawi Gesha – LIMITED SUPPLY: 1LB bags only. Vibrant citrus impressions, floral aroma of perfumed honey and orange blossom, tropical fruit hints, a healthy dose of peach and nectarine, Earl Grey, and a citrus note that reminded me of lemon lime soda.

Rwanda Nyamasheke Gitwe – Brewing light roasts offers soft accents of black tea, dried apple, and raisin atop a sweetness that has the transparency of simple syrup, and a finish marked by notes of Earl Grey tea, and roasted barley.

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Our smaller glass beaker is back in stock with new graphics. It’s a good size for brewing coffee into, pouring coffee out of and it’s pretty much the right size to drink from. This beaker is constructed from thick lab quality borosilicate glass by Catamount out of Vermont.


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