Sweet Maria’s Emailer 11/16/2018

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Brazil Dry Process Serrinha Yellow Bourbon – Rustic dried fruit like tamarind, prune, and unsulfered apricot are intertwined with bittersweet chocolate notes, unrefined sugars, and a malted grain note. Big bodied coffee. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Taaroo Lot 2 – Honey sweetness at the forefront of City/City+, along with accent notes of dried ginger, lemon balm herb, apple, ginger tea, and light jasmine flower aroma. A delicate, clean, and clear cup profile at City to City+.

Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Yellow Bourbon – A balanced coffee from Pulcal, caramel sweetness and high % cacao bar, top notes of fresh pear and apple, a soft grape flavor, and roasted almond accent. Black tea/tannic mouthfeel in light and medium roasts.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Aguacatones Honey – Medium roasts present a flavor portrait of dark chocolate candy bar with puffed rice crispies, roasted peanut, immense body, and mild acidity. Benefits from resting for 48+ hours. Good for espresso.

Kenya Nyeri Ichamama AB – Mild flavors of lemon and orange with unrefined cane sugars, cooling to fruited top notes that remind me of cranberry sauce with a squeeze of orange juice and cinnamon stick accent. Citric acidity shimmers.

Kenya Nyeri Thuti-Kiaga Peaberry – Compact caramel sweetness, and fruited flavor notes of date, golden raisin, currant, and tart orange. Full City works well as espresso, lemon/orange vibrance and high % cacao bar. Good espresso.

Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Caturra Lot 2 – This second lot from Buenos Aires shows malty sweet undercurrent and milk chocolate overlay, raw sugar, roasted nut, vanilla caramels, and dried apple. Dark roasting brings out cocoa roast tone. Good for espresso.

Papua New Guinea Kuta Waghi Peaberry – Body and sweetness are showcased when using full immersion methods like French Press, flavors of torched sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, and light blueberry accent note. Good for espresso.

Sumatra Mandheling Mutu Batak – Big sweet flavors and rustic aroma, Mutu Batak yields flavors of brown rice syrup, palm sugar, cacao nibs, peet, licorice root, citrus peel, and warming spice. Good for espresso.

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Tom returned from Kenya little while ago and brought back great photos and insight about the diverse coffee regions there.

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