Sweet Maria’s Emailer 11/27/2018

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We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We wanted to remind you that our Cyber Monday deals are still in full effect. All the coffees below are 15% off until next Monday 12/3.

Burundi Kibumbu Kayokwe Lot #2196 – The sweet flavors come off in layers, from unrefined sugar to toffee, caramel to a candy corn flavor. City+ roasts showcase both sweetness and inherent spiced tea accents, and tannic finish.

Burundi Kayanza Yagikawa Station – Yagikawa is a refined, if not somewhat neutral cup, with convincing sweetness, pointed, clean finish, notes of turbinado, black tea, cinnamon and ginger spice, crisp acidity, and a pristine finish.

El Salvador Quetzalcoatl Community – Quetzalcoatl has balanced sweetness/bittering tones, with roasted nut, and surprising lemon grass vibrance. Dark sugars fade to an interesting sweet beet note, and cocoa powder. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Agaro Biftu Gudina Coop – Biftu Gudina has all the markers of a lovely Western Ethiopia coffee, notes of peaches, natural dried apricots, sarsaparilla and cola sodas, marmalade, and a subtle floral aroma. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Agaro Kedamai Cooperative – City and City+ showcase a citrus juice aspect that carries more vibrance and ‘pep’ than some of the other Western coffees. Glimpses of orange blossom, lemon curd, peach and nectarine. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Agaro Sadi Loya Coop – Notes of fruit gum, creme caramels, intimations of lemon-flavored herbal tea, and a hop floral aroma. Citrus tartness provides a nice tangy aspect in the cup. Nice Ethiopia espresso option.

Guatemala Xinabajul La Libertad Lot 1 – A crowd pleasing cup at any roast level, caramel and molasses sweetness, roasted almond, green apple and raisin accents, and heavy cocoa roast tone as you pass City+. Good for espresso.

Honduras Buenos Aires Lote Mendez – Balanced interplay of bittering and sweet coffee qualities, restrained burned sugar sweetness, and roasted cacao nibs. Mouthfeel weighty and dense, making for a pleasant texture on the palate. Good for espresso.

Honduras Organic Belen La Lesquiñada – Middle roasts have balanced sweetness, with raisin, cardamom, herbal, and almond notes, and soft acidity. Full City harnesses a mix of high % cacao bar and a tropical fruit accent. Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna – Unrefined sugars and roasted nut flavors are core aspects of La Laguna, flavors of sweetened peanut butter, molasses drizzled almonds, and a bittersweet cocoa counterpoint. Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Caturra Lot 2 – This second lot from Buenos Aires shows malty sweet undercurrent and milk chocolate overlay, raw sugar, roasted nut, vanilla caramels, and dried apple. Dark roasting brings out cocoa roast tone. Good for espresso.

Rwanda Karongi Nyarubuye Station – The coffee exhibits a sound base of dark sugary sweetness from aromatics on into the brewed coffee, almond brittle candy, caramel pudding, cardamom spice, and aromatic wood.

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  • All Technivorm brewers are 20% off until Dec. 6th.  This sale reminds us of the battle tested Technivorm KBTS-8 that made coffee for the Sweet Maria’s staff for almost a decade. As our crew grew, we opted for a larger capacity brewer but we’ll always salute our Technivorm’s durability, consistency and ability to brew great pots of coffee.
  • What are you gonna get your coffee-loving friend this holiday season? How about our new Holiday Brew Kit? You choose the brewer and we’ll throw in discounted pack of filters and roasted coffee.
  • Our traditional Sweet Maria’s 2019 Dogs of Coffee Calendar is in stock. Look forward to great dog photos from around the coffee growing globe.
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