Shazbot! new Guat

Did I say last Thursday? I meant today. Today we are introducing Guatemala Antigua Hacienda Carmona Pulcal. This coffee really stood out on the table next to some other Guats. Syrupy and silky just as described, lots of sweetness and that glowing acidity that makes you say “Shazbot!” or any other number of things that mean wow. This is a great holiday coffee and one that I think will be a crowd pleaser.

“balanced and sweet with a hint of acacia flowers. The chocolate in the aroma suggest the cup will be more aggressively bittersweet, but I am surprised how silky and elegant the overall impression of the cup flavors are. The acidity has a fruit-floral accent in the higher notes in the cup, giving a more light and effervescent character overall. There is a grape-like sweetness paired with blackberry syrup flavor. I also picked up a strong passion fruit note in the middle as the coffee cooled, I think this perception was maybe aided by the silky and syrupy body but there was a lingering pleasant tanginess in the finish. It’s an exceptionally clean coffee flavor, very transparent, which suggest really good picking and processing.”…

We also have a fair amount of the Panama Esmeralda Gesha – Mario Enero Lot around, speaking of holiday coffees, and yeah, that one is also quite the crowd pleaser.…

“Mario Enero is shockingly sweet in the dry fragrance. Jasmine and honeysuckle floral accent with berry fruits, Enero is the classic Esmeralda Gesha coffee. Honey and mild graham cracker hints are evident too. The wet aroma also has distinct jasmine, as well as cherry notes, honey, caramel, and soft milk chocolate at slightly darker roast levels. The cup has a light-yet-juicy body. ”

as if you didn’t know.

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