Sweet Maria’s Emailer 11/9/2018

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Colombia Vereda Buesaquito – Centered around caramelizing sugars and caramel candy, Buesaquito also offers fruited accents of red apple and D’anjou pear. Dark roasts produce brooding chocolate with a touch of grape. Good for espresso.

El Salvador Miravalle Pacamara – Lemony hints accent Miravalle’s nutty sweetness, raw sugar and almond brittle candy make up the bulk of the profile, with muted lemon tea candied citrus notes, and citrus-like perceived acidity.

Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Gedeb Asasa – City roasts offer the strongest floral jasmine character, along with honey, raw sugars, subtle citrus notes like sweet lime, and lemon, and a hint of classic pink bubblegum. Full City unlocks a ripe blueberry side.

Guatemala Xinabajul Pequenas de San Pedro Necta – Thick body, and accompanying sweetened dark chocolate flavor are marked by fruited accents of blackberry and roasted almond. Full City shows high % dark chocolate bar laced with caramel, berry. Good for espresso.

Java Sunda Gunung Sarilamping – Sarilamping is a honey-sweet coffee, balanced bittersweetness the pervading cup quality, with herbal aromatics, dried apple, and fruited tea top notes lightly accenting the cup, and snappy acidity.

Kenya Murang’a Mutitu Peaberry – Mutitu peaberry is a fruit-forward brew in light to middle roasts, vivid huckleberry and citrus, marionberry jam, fruit compote, canned peaches and more, with traces of five spice powder in the finish.

Guatemala Gesha Batch #4 “Panameña vs. Malawi” Sample Set – Our final batch #4 adds a Panamanian Gesha cultivar to the mix that was grown at the same Guatemalan farm, and along along with Malawi, offer a unique opportunity to compare two different Gesha cultivars that originate from opposite sides of the world. This sample set is your last chance to get your hands on this unique Malawi Gesha until next harvest season.

Kenya Nyeri Ruthagati AB – We this Kenya at Full City. Rich dark chocolate underscores blueberry and blackberry top notes, and heavy body. City+ works too, where an interplay of tart orange and unrefined sweetness prevail.

We also added these earlier in the week.
-Panama Carmen Estate Paso Ancho
-Colombia Nariño Veredas Vecinas
-Colombia Municipo San Lorenzo
-Kenya Gatanga Ibutiti Estate
-Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm AB
-Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo Bourboncito

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