Sweet Maria’s Green Coffee List: When to Expect New Coffee Arrivals

A look at the coffee crop cycle and other factors that affect our Green Coffee List

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When it comes to new coffee arrivals, November and December are usually two of the slower months of the year. I say “usually”, because the availability of coffee at any time of the year is heavily dependent on a changing coffee crop cycle.

Origin crop cycles generally happen around the same time each year. But coffee plant growth and cherry maturation are tied to climatic shifts in weather patterns, specifically, defined wet and dry seasons. Since these fluctuate from one year to the next, so does the timing and duration of the coffee harvests.

Coffee dry mill, bags waiting for export
The brand new La Eva dry mill, with bags ready to load in containers and ship Costa Rica

Other factors at play that affect the timing of coffee shipments

There is also a lag in the time it takes for coffee to ship from origin to us in Oakland, the length of which varies on how far the coffee has to travel. Freight shipments from Sumatra, for example, can take upwards of two full months. Whereas, the maritime transit for green coffee coming from Mexico is about a week.

Logistical issues can also crop up – slow export turnaround, congested ports, and shipping container shortages to name a few – which adds a whole other layer of unpredictability, and often makes this leg of the journey harder to predict than the coffee crop cycle! It’s no wonder the timing of coffees on our website changes year to year.

So when we’re asked when a specific origin will come back in stock, our range is usually in months rather than days, unless the coffee is already in our possession.

container of coffee in Nairobi
Stuffing a very full container in Nairobi – At the C. Dorman green coffee warehouse and roasting works in Nairobi, Kenya, March 2009 Kenya

When can you expect to see new coffee on the website?

The short answer to this question is weekly. We add new coffees to our website every week, and what we add, depends on the coffees we have available. Below is a short-term list of coffees that will be added in the near future (“Upcoming Coffees”) as well as a rough timeline on our coffees in transit (“Incoming Coffees”).

We intentionally withhold the weekly schedule as the order will invariably shift with our priorities. Unfortunately, “priority” is a moving target during the holidays since our order count is so much heavier than the rest of the year and it’s tough to predict how quickly coffee will go out of stock.

It’s worth noting that we have fresh from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Peru and Panama here now, and will be staggering them to our website over the next 3 weeks.

A list of green coffee origins about to come back in stock

We are expecting a few shipping containers to land before the end of November, and more in December too. However, between holiday closures, and the 2-3 week turnaround it takes to physically move coffee containers from the Port of Oakland to the Annex coffee storage facility, our ability to list these coffees quickly will vary.

Here is a rundown on the current list of incoming shipping containers from origin: November 2020

  • Brazil containers from Carmo de Minas and Minas Gerais are scheduled to arrive end of November.
  • Honduran coffees should start arriving sometime at the beginning of December
  • Burundi and Rwanda should start trickling in by mid December, and we expect everything in storage by end of January.
  • A full Indonesia box hits the water this week containing some pretty amazing coffees from Sulawesi, Java and Flores. Full details below.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of why it’s so difficult to predict when origins will come back in stock. Remember, coffee is produce, cultivated and farmed, often half way around the world, and requires many moving parts to bring it to our shores. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with coffees coming down the pipeline and on the latest additions to our green coffee list as they roll out.

Below is the snapshot of both upcoming and incoming coffees as it stands today.

Upcoming coffees currently on the schedule to be added to our website:

Incoming coffees currently on the water:

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    1. Hey David, we have one final lot of the later arrival La Libertad scheduled to go up next Friday. There’s a slight chance of that being delayed, but so far, looks like it should go up without issue! That’s the last lot from La Libertad, but we have a few other Xinabajul coffees in store Jan/Feb. Then we start making selections from the new harvest that will arrive in the Spring.

      Hope that helps!


    1. Hey Donna, Dan here! Looks like it was supposed to hit the Oakland Port this week, however, they’re logging 10-14 day delays due to congestion and worker shortages. We *hope* to have access to that coffee in another few weeks. I plan on updating our blog post by the end of next week and hopefully I’ll have a clearer picture on that specific container.


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