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Photo sets range from pictorial how-to articles to our extensive origin trip travelogues. It involves a range of content, from macro images of coffee, galleries of travel, to simple DIY instructional photos

ripe coffee cherry at hafursa cooperative in yirga cheffe ethiopia

Ethiopia Harvest Trek in December

The last destination on our 3-part December 2009 journey was Sidamo and Yirga Cheffe areas of South Ethiopia. We were hoping to get to Moredocofe

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Sumatra Gayo Coffee: Stories About Aceh, With Pictures

A Sumatra travelogue in photographs, focused on Aceh area around Lake Tawar and Takengon town

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Rwanda and Burundi is Undervalued Among East African Coffee Sources

Coffees from Burundi and Rwanda, two neighboring East African coffee producing nations, are real treasures. By now everyone should know a bit about the merits

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Timor Leste Pride

Timor No Leste: Talking to Timor Leste Coffee Farmers

A post from the road while traveling to coffee farms in East Timor (Timor Leste) East TimorHibrido de Timor abbreviated HdT is the interspecies hybrid

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F99A5680 1

83 Semi-Important Photographs about Indonesia Coffee

Photographs from my recent trip to Indonesia regions of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi; coffee farming, processing, coffee culture. Some of these photographs are about coffee,

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Burundi and Bikes

Burundi Coffee Farm Travel: A Photo Set from May 2018

Photography from coffee farm and wet mill visits in Kayanza and Ngozi areas of Burundi I took an extended East Africa trip in May 2018,

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