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Photo sets range from pictorial how-to articles to our extensive origin trip travelogues. It involves a range of content, from macro images of coffee, galleries of travel, to simple DIY instructional photos

highest altitude coffee

Peru Coffee Farm Travels

A trip from way back in 2006, with images of farms, coffee cooperatives, and highland kitsch. Regions of Cuzco, Quillabamba, San Martin, Huallaga, Tarapoto, Lamas…

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IMG 8442 0

A Gallery of Wet Process Coffee Images

From Sweet Maria’s travelogues to various countries, images of how wet processing is done in various parts of the world.

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Ngogomo Station

Burundi Coffee in Permanent Crisis

Burundi is in trouble, always: Uncertain harvests, poverty, bad policy, and a poor international reputation a permanent crisis cycle. That’s not new, as there always

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IMG 5239

Brazil Coffee Defect Images

Images of typical Brazil coffees defects culled from a sample brought back from Minas Gerais. The bane of quality coffee is defectIn coffee, a defect

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Bridget Carrington with Jeremy Block in the background

Kenya Coffee Cupping & Comments from a Quick Trip

I took a detour to Nairobi, Kenya for cupping and some farm visits in Thika and Nyeri areas. Here’s some photos and things I learned

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La Minita coffee farm, of Nicaragua, not Costa Rica

Nicaragua Coffee Regions, Matagalpa, Jinotega and …

A visit to Matagalpa and other other Nicaragua coffee growing regions around it, back in March 2009 After a quick flight from San Jose, Costa

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ripe coffee cherry at hafursa cooperative in yirga cheffe ethiopia

Ethiopia Harvest Trek in December

The last destination on our 3-part December 2009 journey was Sidamo and Yirga Cheffe areas of South Ethiopia. We were hoping to get to Moredocofe

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Sumatra Gayo Coffee: Stories About Aceh, With Pictures

A Sumatra travelogue in photographs, focused on Aceh area around Lake Tawar and Takengon town

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