Category: Air Roasting

Air roasting means heating and moving a coffee batch in a heated air stream. It includes some of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to get into roasting, the ubiquitous air popper appliance made for popcorn. It also includes the Freshroast line of coffee roasters, and our own model called (rather confusingly) Popper* .

Drogo Roaster

Drogo Coffee Roaster

Our customers keep creating amazing machines Sweet Maria’s customer Mike McConnell sent us this video of his homemade coffee roastingThe application of heat to green

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Popper roast demo screen shot

Popper Coffee Roaster – Roast Demo Videos

A two-part long-form video about features and functions of the new Popper coffee roaster. Popper is made to be a simple, easy-to-use, adjustable air roaster.

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Roast Cupping Test First Crack

First Crack FAQ: What is First Crack? What is Second Crack?

If you’re struggling to identify the sound of first crack and second crack when roasting coffee, read on… I remember many years ago writing a

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Wobble Disk Roaster

Video – Hybrid Wobble Disk Roaster by Larry Cotton

Sweet Maria’s customer Larry Cotton delivers another amazing DIY coffee roaster. Here’s Larry’s hybrid Sifter/Wobble Disk roaster that roasts 1/2lb + batches. Larry says it

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Larry Cotton - All In One Wobble Disk Roaster

All-In-One Wobble Disk DIY Coffee Roaster

Home roaster and Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton created another awesome DIY coffee roaster. The difference between this and his past creations is this one

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Fresh Roast SR800

Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster Overview

Ryan discusses the features of the Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster, Pros and Cons, and how it differs from previous Fresh Roast models. The Fresh

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DIY Wobble Disk Home Coffee Roaster Larry Cotton

DIY Coffee Roaster by Larry Cotton, Wobble Disk v 2.0

Once in a while Sweet Maria’s customer Larry Cotton inspires us with an email featuring his latest homemade DIY coffee roaster. His latest versions have

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