Green Coffee Outlook – November 2021 – for Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub

Stay up to date on coffee we have coming down the pipeline and our latest green coffee outlook and arrivals schedule.

Green Coffee Notes for November 2021:

  • A lot has happened since our last update in the middle of September. Nearly all of our Ethiopias have landed and are slowly but surely making their way to our offer list.
  • We rarely show more than 8 different lots at a time, and will work to keep the list full and fresh through the New Year and beyond. Check out the current Ethiopia’s HERE. (or HERE for Coffee Shrub wholesale prices)
  • Upcoming coffees to keep an eye out for include a honey process lot from Nano Challa later this month, as well as a fully washed coffee from the Duromina cooperative, and a dry process coffee from Goro Bedessa site in Hambela Wamena in early December. But that hardly scratches the surface of what’s on the horizon from one of our most popular coffee origins.
  • Our first Rwanda container arrived in Houston earlier last week and was quickly transferred to our Oakland warehouse next week (week of November 8th). If all goes as planned, we will have our first coffees available in the week of November 12th, which is perhaps an all-time record for us!
  • The Colombian coffees that landed 2 weeks ago are moving quickly, solidifying our decision to bring in a second box on its heels. Another 12 lots of coffee are being milled this week in Medellín, with an ETA later in November. For now, have a look at these stellar lots from Buesaco and Inzá currently on offer (or here for Coffee Shrub wholesale prices).
  • This is the time of year where Brazilian coffee ships, but like other green sellers, we’re experiencing difficulties getting coffee out of the country. The truckers strike that started November 1st around skyrocketing diesel prices in the country, seems to have waned, opening access to the Santos port that was blocked by trucks for a few days (some on fire). But competition for space on outgoing vessels has exacerbated a bottleneck at the ports, and we’ve personally watched our bookings role from one week to the next, and are yet to nail something down. For now, we continue to hope and wait, and with any luck, we’ll have our first Brazilian coffee around the 1st of the year.
  • The Oakland Port has finally cleared its backlog of cargo ships anchored out in the Bay, and has even started to restore services as a first call port for shipping lines. Yes, the Oakland Port congestion has mostly cleared up. But no, the shipping delays are far from over.
  • Almost all shipping routes continue to suffer from longer than normal transit times due to what has become the ‘greatest hits’ in the global shipping world – spike in shipping consumer goods, understaffed ports, container shortages, limited space on cargo ships….stop me if you’ve heard this one before!
  • And finally, a special note about the holiday season and new coffee additions. This is the busiest time of the year for us with the highest order counts. As such, there is no guarantee that we will launch all of the coffees in the list below by xmas. But we will do our best! Every year we set out to keep the in-stock origins flush with fresh options throughout the holiday season, and we promise to do what we can to meet that goal. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this crazy time of year!

Upcoming green coffees currently on the schedule to be added to our website:

Please keep in mind that the coffees on the Upcoming Coffee Outlook schedule with a location status of “In Transit” are still a bit of a wild card, and the month we have them listed under is based on the current shipping ETA, and subject to interruptions out of our control. Thanks for your patience!

November Coffee Outlook

Sweet Maria’s Polar Expresso Holiday Blendn/an/aOakland
Colombia Inzá Vereda San Antonio1570 KGOakland
Colombia Caicedo Don Ruben1670 KGOakland
Costa Rica Chirripo Corazon de Jesus4769 KGOakland
Costa Rica Cerro Alto La Rosa3846 KGOakland
El Salvador Santa Ana Pacas8069 KGOakland
El Salvador Finca Miravalle Tabi4069 KGOakland
Ethiopia Kennisa Coop6060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Honey Process Genji Challa4060 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Comunidad Libertad5969 KGOakland
Guatemala Antigua Santa Ines B3003046 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Producers5969 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Kiruga AB3760 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Chinga AA2260 KGOakland
Kenya Kirinyaga Muburi Peaberry2660 KGOakland
Papua New Guinea Kimel AA4060 KGOakland
Rwanda Nyamasheke Mutovu5060 KGOakland
Rwanda Karongi Gitesi3560 KGOakland
Rwanda Nyamasheke Gitwe5060 KGOakland

December Coffee Outlook

Colombia Honey Process El Páramo2870 KGOakland
Costa Rica Honey Process Monte Brisas3069 KGOakland
Ethiopia Agaro Duromina8060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Dry Process Hambela Goro10660 KGOakland
Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Mengesha Farm 12060 KGOakland
Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente4646 KGOakland
Guatemala Libertad Punta Del Cerro3669 KGOakland
Kenya Othaya FCS Peaberry3060 KGOakland
Papua New Guinea Kuta Waghi4060 KGOakland
Rwanda Kivu Kageyo5060 KGOakland
Sweet Maria's Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer
Sweet Maria’s Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer

Incoming coffees currently on the water:

Africa Incoming Coffees

Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Mengesha Gumi4060 KGNov 15
Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Yohanes Degoma3560 KGNov 15
Ethiopia Dry Process Shantawene4060 KGNov 15
Ethiopia Bensa Asefa Qonqana8060 KGNov 15
Ethiopia Sidama Keramo8060 KGNov 15
Ethiopia Sidama Bombe4060 KGNov 15
Ethiopia Dry Process Keramo8060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Rubavu Rwinyoni6060 KGDec 5
Rwanda Rusizi Gaseke2560 KGDec 5
Rwanda Nyamasheke Nyakabingo2560 KGDec 5
Rwanda Ngororero2560 KGDec 5
Rwanda Nyamasheke Macuba4560 KGDec 5
Rwanda Dry Process Kanyege2560 KGDec 5
Rwanda Honey Process Kanyege3060 KGDec 5
Rwanda Dry Process Macuba4060 KGDec 5
Rwanda Dry Process Nyamiyaga2060 KGDec 5
Rwanda Honey Process Karambi3060 KGDec 5
Zambia Anaerobic Dry Process1560 KGDec 5
Zambia Fully Washed1560 KGDec 5

Central America Incoming Coffees

Honduras Maria Fernandez Parainema1469 KGDec 1
Honduras Honey Process Sabillon Parainema669 KGDec 1
Honduras Dry Process Sabillon Parainema1069 KGDec 1
Honduras Alexis Pineda Pacas1069 KGDec 1
Honduras Allan Erazo1069 KGDec 1
Honduras Proyecto Cabanas5069 KGDec 1

South America Incoming Coffees

Brazil Marcos Ferreira De Faria 5060 KGNov 22
Brazil Thiago Marson Casavechia 8060 KGNov 22
Brazil Vera Lucia Pereira2060 KGNov 22
Brazil Thales Donizete Dos Reis3060 KGNov 22
Brazil Adair De Oliveira Neto2560 KGNov 22
Brazil Fred Terumi Iwano3560 KGNov 22
Colombia Buesaco Productores Aliados5170 KGDec 15
Colombia Nariño Rio Juanambu2270 KGDec 15
Colombia Buesaco Don Nectario1270 KGDec 15
Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinas4870 KGDec 15
Colombia Inzá Rio Páez2470 KGDec 15
Colombia Vereda San Antonio1770 KGDec 15
Colombia Inzá Las Estrellas870 KGDec 15
Colombia Honey Process Vereda Aponte3070 KGDec 15
Colombia Honey Process El Páramo1970 KGDec 15
Colombia Honey Process Libardo Gómez 2170 KGDec 15
Colombia Honey Process Ciudad Nube2370 KGDec 15
Peru Quanda Chirinos2069 KGNot Yet Shipped
Peru Lonya Grande Velo De Novia4569 KGNot Yet Shipped
Peru San Jose De Lourdes2069 KGNot Yet Shipped
Peru Organic San Ignacio5069 KGNot Yet Shipped
Peru Organic La Coipa7569 KGNot Yet Shipped

Indonesia Incoming Coffees

Sumatra Lintong Sigumpar Village3060 KGNov 15
Sumatra Honey Process Auliya1560 KGNov 15
Sumatra Wet Hulled Ribang Gayo2560 KGNov 15
Sumatra Wet Process Ribang Gayo2560 KGNov 15
Sumatra Dry Process Ribang Gayo1060 KGNov 15
Sumatra Aceh Bebesen Auliya4060 KGNov 15
Java Tambak Ruyung3060 KGNov 15
Sumatra Kerinci Gunung Tujuh5060 KGNov 15
Sumatra Wet Process Kerinci Gunung Tujuh2560 KGNov 15
Sumatra Honey Process Kerinci Gunung Tujuh 2560 KGNov 15
Sumatra Honey Labu Gunung Tujuh2560 KGNov 15
Sumatra Dry Process Gunung Tujuh2060 KGNov 15
India Honnamatti Estate Ruiru2060 KGNov 21
India Organic Araku Valley2060 KGNov 21
India Mahaveer Estate2060 KGNov 21
Papua New Guinea Kainantu Sero7060 KGNot Yet Shipped

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