We gots it, beans by the lbs

Here it is, the stock report. I know you’ve wanted it. There are a number of new coffees that have gone up in the last couple of weeks, and if you aren’t awares of them, let me open your eyes to some very interesting coffees that would pair very nicely with some of the coffees that are already up or are a great introduction/representation of some different varietals:

Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo


“The warm cup has a strong banana bread and fresh banana sweetness with a slight dry walnut in the finish. The mouthfeel has some texture in the cup giving it a little heft from warm to cool that works very nicely with this profile. As the cup cools, there’s intensifying orange and cranberry notes as well as a bit of hibiscus tea in the lighter roasts, yet the aftertaste still as plenty of cocoa and cola. The hibiscus tartness also supports a cherry lambic-style beer note that’s malty with a bit of sparkling brightness to it. ”

This is a great coffee to try next to the Finca Genesis which is very near and shares the same climate and soil conditions, as well as being the same varietal types. The big difference other than the farm is the processing, Genesis being a honey coffee and this being washed.

Guatemala Antigua Yellow Bourbon


“The dry fragrance has butter cookie and caramel tones with a very slight wildflower aspect at City+ roast. It opens up a bit in the wet aroma, more floral sweetness, nectar, restrained stone fruit. The aromatics translate well into the cup flavors. At City level, there are some lemon and melon notes which develop more in to stone fruit sweetness, a peach-apricot jam note, at the City+ roasts, pairing well with the juicy mouthfeel. Slightly darker roasts have a tannic, very noticeable almond flavor that emerges with honey sweetness and a bittersweet dryness in the finish. In fact this coffee has an interesting sweet-bittersweet complexity throughout the roast range, a soft-yet-bracing duality that gives it some complexity and “structure”.”

A great example of yellow bourbon, the almond was very distinct. This is a versatile coffee, and a real crowd pleaser that brews very nicely and Tom says it’s even pulling great SO espro. I’ll check that out.

Kenya Nyeri AA Kangocho Coop


“Right away there are potent and sweet berry fruit notes on the dry aroma with intense cherry notes on the wet aroma and added dry cocoa on the break. Even in the warm cup you notice a syrupy and satiny body with great sustained brightness. There is a bit of black tea with apple and cranberry tartness in the finish. As the cup cools you get candied grape and apricot, intensifying lush apricot juice with fruit blossom laced throughout. This coffee truly has a decadent body, even more syrupy on day 2 out of the roaster. ”

Another stellar Kenya. Yes the prices are high this year with the small crop, but we went after the coffees that we that we really wanted and are really excited to share these with you. This being an SL-28 AA, and the Kiunyu being an SL-34, it would be fun to look at these coffees side by side. I think I’ll do that, I’ll let you know.

without further ado

beanzzzzzz by the poundzzzzzzzzzz

CR Finca Genesis 1224 lbs

CR Macho Arce 1071 lbs

CR Lourdes de Naranjo 3519 lbs

SM El Papuma Decaf 3564 lbs

Guat Huehue
Finca La Providencia Dos 3060 lbs

Rwanda FT Dukunde
Kawa Musasa 1452 lbs

El Salvador
Siberia Estate Pacamara 792 lbs

El Salvador
Siberia Estate Bourbon 11616 lbs

Kenya Kirinyaga AA Kiunyu 3168 lbs

Guat Antigua Yellow Bourbon 3232 lbs

Kenya Nyeri AA Kangocho 2178 lbs

with love,