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This is our catch-all category for our travel to coffee-producing regions, farm & grower information. We include our encyclopedic set of Coffee Producing Countries here. Coffee sourcing is what we call it.

TimTim and Abyssina-3 Coffee Variety in Aceh , which is longer and larger

Sumatra Aceh Coffee Culture: a Video

This is the long form video that gives a good sense of the coffee growing and trading traditions of Aceh, Sumatra. Visits to coffee farmers

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Sumatra Gayo Coffee: Stories About Aceh, With Pictures

A Sumatra travelogue in photographs, focused on Aceh area around Lake Tawar and Takengon town

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Rwanda and Burundi is Undervalued Among East African Coffee Sources

Coffees from Burundi and Rwanda, two neighboring East African coffee producing nations, are real treasures. By now everyone should know a bit about the merits

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Timor Leste Pride

Timor No Leste: Talking to Timor Leste Coffee Farmers

A post from the road while traveling to coffee farms in East Timor (Timor Leste) East TimorHibrido de Timor abbreviated HdT is the interspecies hybrid

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83 Semi-Important Photographs about Indonesia Coffee

Photographs from my recent trip to Indonesia regions of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi; coffee farming, processing, coffee culture. Some of these photographs are about coffee,

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