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This is our catch-all category for our travel to coffee-producing regions, farm & grower information. We include our encyclopedic set of Coffee Producing Countries here. Coffee sourcing is what we call it.

The Kenya Coffee Auction

The Kenya coffee auctions are a minor miracle, that excellent small lots are put up for sale based on cup quality. This vintage video is

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photos of a coffee mill in el salvador that is powered by renewable solar and wind energy

Working Toward Energy Independence at a Coffee Wet Mill in El Salvador

Solar panels and wind power are helping this El Salvador coffee mill move to 100% renewable energy Alejandro Valiente has worn many hats in the

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Bet Giyorgis is said to the be the last church carved in the reign of King Lalibela. Carved in the shape of a cross, it stands as an isolated monolith, away from all the other churches

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Roha was the original name for this small town placed at 2500 meters in the Amharic region of Northern Ethiopia. It was the center of

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Kafa Coffee Caravan Ethiopia

Ethiopia Kafa Coffee Caravan (Video)

Some ambient scenes from the Kafa zone of Western Ethiopia, and a look at a couple nice farms. Sorry for silly introduction on my Kafa

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highest altitude coffee

Peru Coffee Farm Travels

A trip from way back in 2006, with images of farms, coffee cooperatives, and highland kitsch. Regions of Cuzco, Quillabamba, San Martin, Huallaga, Tarapoto, Lamas…

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Puppies licking coffee

Congo Kivu Coffee Photo Tour

Congo is complicated: Instability means coffee farmers can’t find a stable market, or even farm their crop without sometimes facing threats. The issues in CongoKivu

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Luis Melchior, processing coffee at home, where he has Bourbon and , Mundo Novo cultivars

Mexican Coffee: A Gallery and FAQ about coffee from Mexico

Questions and Answers about Mexican green coffee beans. The focus for our buying in the coffee regions of MexicoMexican coffee originates from South-central to Southern

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Kanji Lali Estate, propagating n39a - mbozi compact

The Mania of Tanzania: The Tanzanian Coffee Trade

Tanzania has been considered by traders as a “lesser Kenya” in many respects. That’s not fair though. In the commercial business, it is the source

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