Green Coffee Outlook October 2022 – Fresh Colombia and Nicaragua Arriving Soon!

Stay up to date on coffee we have coming down the pipeline and our latest green coffee outlook and arrivals schedule.

Halloween is almost here and we promise only ‘treats’ this month, no ‘tricks’! The end of September saw a few more incoming containers of coffee arrive at destination ports. Of note are a pair of shipments from Nicaragua, and a single container from Costa Rica. These three mark the close of the 2022 Central American harvest for us.

These are by no means the last of our Central American coffees to come though, as we have a whole suite of single farmer coffees, small producer blends, and regional selections from Guatemala, and El Salvador too available, and in the queue. These cover many of our more popular buying sources, such as our Xinabajul project in Huehuetenango, and a more recent Pacamara connection in El Salvador too.

Cup testing farm samples at a green coffee warehouse in Buesaco, Nariño.
Cup testing farm samples at a green coffee warehouse in Buesaco, Nariño.

The Colombia container arrived this week in Houston, and will still be at least 2 weeks before it arrives in Oakland. Last we checked in we were still selecting lots from the rather tight inventory. Thankfully longstanding partnerships in some of the main regions we buy from held strong, and we were able to procure a remarkably diverse group of coffees from Cauca, Tolima, and Huila. There are quite a few coffees from Nariño’s harvest peak, including a couple of honey process lots from Aponte, and a single EA (“sugarcane”) process decaf we pieced together from small producers, and was decaffeinated at Descafecol in Manizales.

Origin Updates

  • Peru: We finished up our selections, procuring the later harvest coffees from high elevation zones. In addition to some of the usual suspects (coffees from Roger Chilcon and Andres Burga are tasting particularly nice!), we are purchasing a healthy chunk of green coffee from a new source, Ubiriki Cooperative. We wound up buying a full, 285 bag, container of single farm lots that are 20 to 40 bags in size. The quality of the coffees is quite nice as they sit. But the work they are currently putting into organic technical support and post harvest practices stands to improve that quality next season.
  • Indonesia & SE Asia: Tom just returned from a trip to Sumatra and Java where he visited with a number of farmers and cooperatives we buy from, cupping farm samples for a 2023 container as well. Highlights included meeting with Daniel and Triyono at our favorite cooperative in Kerinci, where they do an amazing job producing washed, natural, and honey process coffees, and of course traditional wet hulled too! (In fact, we have a dry process lot right now under the name “Pendekar”, and more on the way later this month). The offers have continued to roll into Oakland on his return, and we’ve also managed to pin down a healthy chunk of coffee from Timor Leste as well, repeating purchases from the village of Daurfusu, and several others. Be sure to check out Tom’s coffee clips from Sumatra and Java farm visits, as well as the photo journal from the trip.
  • Brazil: We are buying coffees from Carmo de Minas again this year, and have already contracted 200 bags from a few farms in the Pedralva region. A couple of the lots we purchased were marked “honey process”, though I’ll be honest, I think it’s a marketing ploy, likely just a pulp natural process common to Brazil! Expect many of the same names, like Fazenda Sertao, and Pedra Branca.

Upcoming green coffees currently on the schedule to be added to our website:

Please keep in mind that the coffees on the Upcoming Coffee Outlook schedule with a location status of “In Transit” are still a bit of a wild card, and the month we have them listed under is based on the current shipping ETA, and subject to interruptions out of our control. Thanks for your patience!

October Coffee Outlook

Coffee LotsBagsSizeLocation
Brazil Alta Mogiana Bom Jesus5060 KGOakland
Costa Rica La Pradera SWP Decaf7160 KGOakland
Ethiopia Agaro Kedamai Coop5960 KGOakland
Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa10060 KGOakland
Guatemala Patzun Finca Las Camelias4246 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Aler Villatoro6469 KGOakland
Kenya Thika Oreti AB1960 KGOakland
Kenya Muranga Nguku Peaberry460 KGOakland
Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi Peaberry2860 KGOakland
Sumatra Honey Process Bebesen Aulia1060 KGOakland
Sumatra Wet Process Ribang Gayo4060 KGOakland
Tanzania Mbinga Peaberry2260 KGOakland
Timorindo SWP Decaf Blend7060 KGOakland
Yemen Mokha Hajjah10032 KGOakland
Sweet Maria’s Ethiopiques 2.0n/an/aOakland

November Coffee Outlook (So far!)

Coffee LotsBagsSizeLocation
Brazil Dry Process Cafeicultores de Minas7560 KGOakland
Colombia Inzá Rio Paez2670 KGOakland
Colombia Tolima China Alta3270 KGOakland
Colombia Veredas Vecinas2970 KGOakland
Costa Rica Red Honey Los Monge (name may change)3069 KGOakland
El Salvador Santa Ana Pacamara869 KGOakland
El Salvador Comasagua San Antonio8069 KGOakland
Ethiopia Organic Yebuna Terara SWP Decaf6960 KGOakland
Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Taaroo16060 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul El Paraiso2669 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Michicoy2969 KGOakland
Guatemala Acatenango Gesha4546 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Boqueroncito5069 KGOakland
Guatemala Coban Chichupak Coop5069 KGOakland
Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm AB6660 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AB7060 KGOakland
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires4069 KGOakland
Sumatra Kerinci Pendekar Coop5060 KGOakland
Sweet Maria’s Polar Expresso Holiday Blendn/an/aOakland
Sweet Maria’s SWP Moka Java Decaf Blendn/an/aOakland
Sweet Maria's Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer
Sweet Maria’s Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer

Incoming coffees currently on the water: October – November

African Arrivals

Coffee LotsBagsSizeETA
Ethiopia Kecho Anderecha13060 KGOct 21
Ethiopia Dry Process Mansur Aba Hikam5060 KGOct 28
Ethiopia Dry Process Mahamed Aba Nura5060 KGOct 28
Ethiopia Dry Process Aba Mecha2060 KGOct 28
Ethiopia Dry Process Aba Bulgu7060 KGOct 28
YDC lot #1 SM16060 KGNov 5
Rwanda Kivu Kageyo5560 KGNov 15
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba4060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Karongi Gitesi5060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Small Producer Selection5060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Nyamasheke Mutovu4560 KGNov 15
Rwanda Nyamasheke Gitwe5060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba1060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Honey Process Gatare2060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Special Selection Peaberry Lot 13060 KGNov 15
Rwanda Special Selection Peaberry Lot 23560 KGNov 15
Rwanda Nyamasheke Gatare5460 KGNov 15
Burundi Kiganda Murambi5060 KGTBD
Burundi Kiganda Murambi3360 KGTBD
Burundi Dry Process Murambi2360 KGTBD
Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa4560 KGTBD
Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa3560 KGTBD
Burundi Kayanza Kazoza N’Ikawa5060 KGTBD
Burundi Kayanza Kazoza N’Ikawa2460 KGTBD

Central American Arrivals

Coffee LotsBagsSizeETA
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires2069 KGArrived
Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador2070 KGArrived
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra Juniors2071 KGArrived
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Los Pinos3072 KGArrived
Nicaragua Finca El Lino2073 KGArrived
Nicaragua Ojo de Agua3074 KGArrived
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires4075 KGArrived
Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna4076 KGArrived
Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador1077 KGArrived
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra1078 KGArrived
Nicaragua Maracaturra Juniors2079 KGArrived
Nicaragua Honey Process Buenos Aires1080 KGArrived
Nicaragua Honey Process San Salvador Java281 KGArrived
Nicaragua Dry Process Buenos Aires582 KGArrived
Nicaragua Dry Process El Suyatal1083 KGArrived
Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal4084 KGArrived
Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador2085 KGArrived

South America Incoming Coffees

Coffee LotsBagsSizeETA
Colombia Inzá Julian Piedra1570 KGArrived
Colombia Honey Process Cristian Martinez1170 KGArrived
Colombia Honey Process Aponte2570 KGArrived
Colombia Nariño Vereda Buesaco1170 KGArrived
Colombia Nariño Vereda San Miguel3170 KGArrived
Colombia Valencia Luis Hernán1570 KGArrived
Colombia Tolima China Alta3270 KGArrived
Colombia Inzá Rio Paez2670 KGArrived
Colombia Tolima Vereda Santa Rita3270 KGArrived
Colombia Veredas Vecinas2970 KGArrived
Colombia Buesaco EA Decaf5870 KGArrived
Peru Martin Tiberio García3569 KGTBD
Peru Finca Modelo Lot #13569 KGTBD
Peru Yapaz Javier Estares2069 KGTBD
Peru Pitocuna Alejandro Huisa2069 KGTBD
Peru Yapaz Arnulfo Quispe2569 KGTBD
Peru Yapaz Rafael Alvarado3069 KGTBD
Peru Pichanaki Alez Gómez4069 KGTBD
Peru Anastacio Vargas Romani Gesha269 KGTBD
Peru Finca Modelo Lot #23569 KGTBD
Peru Leonidas Navarro Pachecho3569 KGTBD
Peru Roberto Magdo Acuña869 KGTBD
Peru Eli Chilcon Flores4569 KGTBD
Peru Bello Horizonte Andres Burga2569 KGTBD
Peru Elmer Mego Gonzales5069 KGTBD
Peru Sarmiento Altomirano5069 KGTBD
Peru El Diamante Roger Chilcon4069 KGTBD
Brazil Luis Otavio Turati5060 Kg BagsTBD
Brazil Baltazar Jose Da Siveira4960 Kg BagsTBD
Brazil Baltazar Jose Da Siveira4860 Kg BagsTBD
Brazil Baltazar Jose Da Siveira3360 Kg BagsTBD
Brazil Viviana Aparecida Souza4360 Kg BagsTBD

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