Green Coffee Outlook – March 2022 – for Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub

Stay up to date on coffee we have coming down the pipeline and our latest green coffee outlook and arrivals schedule.

Green Coffee Notes for March 2022:

Are you as tired of talking about the ‘global logistics crisis’ as we are? It’s still here, widespread, and not going to be fixed anytime soon. Those are about the only facts that are static. Just about everything else is as fluid as a river, with lots of twists and turns!

We’re doing our best to keep abreast of what countries are experiencing container shortages, which ports are jammed up (sadly, it’s Oakland’s turn again), and how we can pivot to try and expedite maritime transit. But the truth is, coffee ETA’s are trickier to predict these days than Seattle weather (I speak from personal experience!). So for now, I’ll try to stick to what we actually know below. But please keep in mind that the ‘E’ in ‘ETA’ stands for ‘estimated’, and our ability to accurately estimate when a coffee will be available isn’t quite clear until it’s in Oakland!

New and Upcoming Coffees

  • If you hadn’t noticed, we were able to re-launch our Espresso Monkey, New Classic Espresso and French Roast blends. We took a short break from the manual labor required to blend coffee in order to prioritize your orders. Now that we’re back on top of things, Liquid Amber is back on our list of reboots, and should be available the 1st week of March. A note to our Coffee Shrub customers: We are only offering blends in 50 lb. bag, but are working toward a “full bag” solution for a few of the more popular blends next month.
  • We continue to build out our green coffee list, adding no less than 6 new coffees each week for the past 3 weeks. We plan to keep pace, and are already deepening origin categories like Ethiopia (also on Coffee Shrub) and Colombia (also on Coffee Shrub).
  • We saw several new arrivals from Peru and Brazil in the last two weeks, so be on the lookout for single producer and custom regional blends from both origins starting end of February.

From the Cupping Table

  • Tom has cupped through literally 100’s of offer samples from Kenya and Ethiopia since the start of the year. While our Kenya buying is coming to a close (you can see most of our contracted coffees below), we are still finalizing our volume in Ethiopia. That said, our first containers from both origins are slated to ship in March.
  • I’ve added the first few containers of finalized African coffees to our “Incoming Coffees” list below, including a handful of Western Coop coffees like Nano Challa and Duromina, as well as a few Guji’s from Hambela Wamena.
  • I (Dan) have been working through offers from Costa Rica the past couple of weeks, and nearly wrapped up a second full container of coffee. I’m currently tasting samples from micro mills in Tarrazu and Chirripo, part of a new buying relationship with an intermediary/exporter in Tarrazu.
  • In the past, we’ve tended to stick to “white honey” process coffees, Costa Rica’s version of fully washed. But this year, we’re excited to be bringing in some full honey, fruit-forward coffees that will certainly compliment our list! We hope to see these in Oakland by May.
  • Looking back at list of coffees we’ve cupped, you get a sense of just how many different lots a single farm, or mill produces…and we only see a small chunk of that total! With multiple offers from some pretty big names, it can be tough to pick a winner. Not all of them make the cut for us, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all good, or even great.
  • It’s a good reminder that the “Nano Challa”, or “Duromina”, or “Don Oscar”, or “Helsar”, etc you see on our offer list are different from what other suppliers have. We would never claim ours is the best, but we certainly choose the best coffees from what we are shown! It helps to be at the front of the line, so to speak, too, and having 15+ year buying relationships with some of these suppliers affords us pretty good pole position.

Field Reports from Origin

  • Guatemala: The harvest is finishing up, and though a little later than last year, it’s looking like we will be able to secure the same volumes from our suppliers with new crop offers rolling in as early as next week (1st week of March). Labor shortages for coffee pickers, higher cost of agricultural inputs, transportation, and a skyrocketing C market price, mean paying more for Guatemalan coffees than ever before. They’re no exception, and it’s just something we’re all going to have to get comfortable with for the short term!
  • Nicaragua: Harvest is expected to finish by middle of March, and our main supplier Cafetalera Buenos Aires are pulling samples of some of our yearly favorites; La Laguna, El Suyatal, Buenos Aires, and more. High local demand is boosting the price of parchment, even though harvest isn’t all that low compared to 2020/21. We expect to have contracts in place next month, shipping shortly after, and look to May as a reasonable arrival target.
  • Rwanda + Burundi: Our final containers from Rwanda and Burundi were held up at ports in Shanghai due to major slow-downs and traffic congestion caused by COVID-19 related shutdowns. The good news is, it sounds like they are both scheduled for transshipment, and should be here next month. Harvest is underway in both countries, with coffee already being delivered by farmers beginning in February.  Unfortunately, Rwanda received unusually heavy rains last week causing landslides in some areas, and disrupting harvest in some of the growing regions. It’s still too early to know how much of an impact this will have on production, but we’re keeping an eye on the situation.

Upcoming green coffees currently on the schedule to be added to our website:

Please keep in mind that the coffees on the Upcoming Coffee Outlook schedule with a location status of “In Transit” are still a bit of a wild card, and the month we have them listed under is based on the current shipping ETA, and subject to interruptions out of our control. Thanks for your patience!

March Coffee Outlook

RELAUNCH Liquid Amber Espresso BlendN/AN/AOakland
Brazil Serra da Canastra Don Marcos3560 KGOakland
Brazil Patrocínio Fazenda Santo Antonio3060 KGOakland
Colombia Nariño Rio Juanambu2270 KGOakland
Colombia Inzá Las Estrellas870 KGOakland
Costa Rica Don Senel El Jocote1069 KGOakland
Ethiopia Sidama Keramo8060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Dry Process Nensebo Refisa8060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Gera-Goma SWP Decaf6960 KGOakland
Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Bourboncito1846 KGOakland
Guatemala Huehuetenago Finca Los Suspiros1269 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Aldea Tuiloj2069 KGOakland
Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma1669 KGOakland
Honduras Montecillos Finca La Alondra1369 KGOakland
Kenya Kirinyaga Kainamui Peaberry1460 KGOakland
Nicaragua Dry Process El Suyatal569 KGOakland
Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry4060 KGOakland
Peru FTO Lonya Grande Coop3569 KGOakland
Peru FTO San Jose De Lourdes2069 KGOakland
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba3460 KGOakland
Sumatra Lintong Sigumpar Village2060 KGOakland
Sumatra Honey Process Bebesen Aulia1560 KGOakland
Sumatra Raja Batak Peaberry2160 KGOakland
Timor Wet Hulled Railaco3060 KGOakland
Papua New Guinea Kainantu Sero7060 KGOakland

April Coffee Outlook (so far!)

Colombia Vereda San Antonio1770 KGOakland
Colombia Honey Process Aponte3070 KGOakland
Costa Rica Rio Jorco Tarbaca1069 KGOakland
Ethiopia Guji Hambela Dabaye5060 KGOakland
Honduras Dry Process Sabillon Parainema1069 KGOakland
Kenya Nyeri Karindundu Peaberry1360 KGOakland
Nicaragua Finca Los Alpes2069 KGOakland
Sumatra Dry Process Ribang Gayo1060 KGOakland
More will be added to the list in the coming weeks!
Sweet Maria's Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer
Sweet Maria’s Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer

Incoming coffees currently on the water: March – May

Africa Incoming Coffees

Congo Organic Dry Process Kivu Katana6060 KGARRIVED
Congo Organic Kirumba Kavisa4060 KGARRIVED
Tanzania Namku AA3060 KGFeb 28
Tanzania Sepulila AB3960 KGFeb 28
Tanzania Namku Peaberry1960 KGFeb 28
Tanzania Igale Peaberry2460 KGFeb 28
Kenya Nyeri Kagumo Peaberry2760 KGMar 15
Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya Peaberry1660 KGMar 15
Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi Peaberry3360 KGMar 15
Kenya Kiambu Ngaita Peaberry – need info1660 KGMar 15
Kenya Kiambu Riabai AB – need info1460 KGMar 15
Zambia Anaerobic Dry Process1560 KGMar 10
Zambia Fully Washed1560 KGMar 10
Yemen Mokha Khulani15032 KGMar 15
Yemen Mokha Matari15032 KGMar 15
Yemen Hiwar5032 KGMar 15
Yemen Mokha Harasi10032 KGMar 15
Yemen Haimi5032 KGMar 15
Yemen Hajjah10032 KGMar 15
Burundi Yeast Fermentation Yandaro2060 KGMar 18
Burundi Kabarore Commune Yandaro7060 KGMar 18
Burundi Kayanza Gahahe6560 KGMar 18
Burundi Gatare Masha4560 KGMar 18
Burundi Dry Process Kibingo Station6060 KGMar 18
Burundi Gaterama Agahore Station2860 KGMar 18
Burundi Dry Process Agahore2660 KGMar 18
Rwanda Rubavu Rwinyoni6060 KGApril 7
Rwanda Rusizi Gaseke2560 KGApril 7
Rwanda Nyamasheke Nyakabingo2560 KGApril 5
Rwanda Ngororero2560 KGApril 5
Rwanda Nyamasheke Macuba4560 KGApril 5
Rwanda Dry Process Kanyege2560 KGApril 5
Rwanda Honey Process Kanyege3060 KGApril 5
Rwanda Dry Process Macuba4060 KGApril 5
Rwanda Dry Process Nyamiyaga2060 KGApril 5
Rwanda Honey Process Karambi3060 KGApril 5
Kenya Nyeri Kagumo AB4360 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi Peaberry2560 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi AB6060 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Muranga Riakiberu Peaberry1660 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Muranga Kagumoini AB4060 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Kirinyaga Kainamui Peaberry3160 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Nyeri Kagumo AA1760 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Kirinyaga Thunguri Peaberry960 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Thika Karatu Peaberry – need info660 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Kiambu Ndumberi Peaberry2560 KGNot Shipped
Kenya Nyeri Gathaithi AA4860 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Hambela Dabaye10060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Dry Process Buliye12060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Dry Process Benti Nenka10060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Agaro Kedamai6060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Agaro Hunda Oli8060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Geta Bore Cooperative8060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Yukiro Cooperative5060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Gera Genji Challa5060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Gera Nano Challa8060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Agaro Duromina8060 KGNot Shipped
Ethiopia Dry Process Beshasha Birbisa16060 KGNot Shipped

South America Incoming Coffees

Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista10059 KGMar 5
Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista5559 KGMar 5
Brazil Carmo Fazenda Furnas10059 KGMar 5
Brazil Pulp Natural Fazenda IP7059 KGMar 5
Colombia Pavón Finca Los Palomos1270 KGApr 5
Colombia Inzá Anibal Pillimue270 KGApr 5
Colombia Urrao Heirloom Caturra670 KGApr 5
Colombia Inzá Robinson Pillimué1270 KGApr 5
Colombia Urrao John Alexander1370 KGApr 5
Colombia Cajamarca Neftali Castro1570 KGApr 5
Colombia Inzá Rafael Rivas2870 KGApr 5
Colombia Cresta El Hato1570 KGApr 5
Colombia Vereda Guanacas2670 KGApr 5
Colombia Vereda San Antonio2370 KGApr 5
Colombia Honey Process Aponte970 KGApr 5
Colombia Rio Chiquito Don Luis2270 KGApr 5
Colombia Veradas Vecinas7970 KGApr 5

Indonesia & SE Asia Incoming Coffees

Papua New Guinea Korgua Estate AA2660 KGFeb 24
Sulawesi Rodo Rodo1760 KGApril 16
Sulawesi Wet Hulled Latimojong4060 KGApril 16
Sulawesi Panaikang860 KGApril 16
Sulawesi Desa Topidi860 KGApril 16
Sulawesi Honey Process Gowa560 KGApril 16
Sulawesi Dry Process Topidi1160 KGApril 16
Java Wet Hulled Siki Alit3060 KGApril 16
Java Wet Hulled Waspada4060 KGApril 16
Flores Wawo Muda1860 KGApril 16
Flores Waja Mala1860 KGApril 16
Flores Wolo Wio3860 KGApril 16
Flores Dry Process Bei Poso760 KGApril 16
Java Wet Hulled Waspada5060 KGApril 16
Java Kuningan Robusta Natural3060 KGApril 16
Timor Leste Daurfusu Lot 2 Washed2560 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Daurfusu Lot 4 Washed3060 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Daurfusu Lot 1/3 Washed1060 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Daurfusu Honey5560 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Daurfusu Natural5560 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Lulirema Natural1860 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Taurema Washed1860 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Basargeon Washed1660 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Hatletegeo Washed1560 KGNot Shipped
Timor Leste Lekisala Washed4060 KGNot Shipped
Kerinci Gunung Tujuh5060 KGNot Shipped
Kerinci Wet Process Gunung Tujuh3060 KGNot Shipped
Kerinci Honey Process Gunung Tujuh3060 KGNot Shipped
Kerinci Honey Labu Gunung Tujuh3060 KGNot Shipped
Kerinci Dry Process Gunung Tujuh2060 KGNot Shipped

5 Responses

    1. Yes – it’s a mixed container of small lots. The pre-shipment samples cupped really well so high hopes for the arrivals of these (even though, as you can imagine, transit from Yemen is slooow). But likely we won’t be able to launch all the arrivals right when they come. And one is for our Moka Kadir blend more that an SO coffee…

  1. I have been a Moka Kadir buyer for years and like it a great deal, but recently in the absence of Moka Kadir I tried the Yemen Sana-a and must say I like it almost as much or better than Moka Kadir. Any advise on this thought.. I accept and willing to try something that is especially outstanding for expresso….

    1. Yemen is a major component of Moka Kadir, and brings a lot of bittersweet chocolate and body to the blend, so I’m not surprised! Most of the Yemens we buy are great for espresso, though each brings different flavor characteristics to the table. We have a container with six different Yemeni lots on the way with an early March ETA in New Jersey, and then will need to be railed across to Oakland. I’m hoping we can get a couple of those listed late March, or early April at the latest.


    2. Oh man, I bought a pound of the Sana’a Ibb the previous time they had it and I just thought it made some of the most amazing espresso I’d ever had. When it went up again last month, I meant to buy a pound or two… But I snoozed and I losed 😥. I’ll have to try the Moka Kadir and some other Yemens when they come in.

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