Sweet Maria’s Emailer Roundup – December 2020

Our monthly digest from the Sweet Maria’s Email list, announcing new coffees, new content and new events!

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December 2, 2020

Green Coffee Subscription
Green Coffee Subscription

Pre-selected, green coffee auto-shipped to your home! Four pounds or eight pounds from different growing regions! Sign up for our green subscription and never run out of coffee to roast. This is great for both beginner and experienced roasters that are looking for non-stop variety to expand their palate.

Staff Picks feat. Dan

Dan works in our cupping department. He also manages when coffee shows up on Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub’s offerings lists. Also, if you watch our Youtube channel, you have probably seen him explaining a lot about Behmor roasters. This month, Dan has chosen the Sweet Maria’s Staff Picks. Check out our library to learn more about him and why he chose the coffees he chose. 


Show of your coffee gear nerdism with our latest shirt. It features Tom’s drawings and is sure to start a conversation or at least make folks do the “camera lean-in” during your next Zoom call.

Drive one a few of our 2021 Cars of Coffee Calendar into your next order and help support our favorite charities.

The Aeropress Go brews the same great coffee as it’s taller sibling but packs into a travel cup that packs into your bag, that packs into your car, that goes to the places you want to go and brew your own awesome coffee.

December 4, 2020

New Coffee - Dec. 4, 2020
New Coffee – Dec. 4, 2020

Panama Dry Process Peterson Family Gesha – Pour-over brews hint at peach, apricot, dried mango, red apple and strawberry Starburst. Perfumed, floral aromatics are moderate and suggest jasmine and Stargazer lily.

Peru Fair Trade Organic Villa de Zamora – CAn orange note amidst strong sweetness and clean acidity, brown sugar and lemon, toffee candy, meringue cookies and cinnamon in aroma.

Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh CooperativeRustic rice syrup, dark honey, barley tea, earth-toned hints of peet and oak, intense chocolate roast flavors, complex finishing flavors of rye, raisin, and black pepper. Good for espresso.

Peru Fair Trade Organic Communidad Lucmabamba– Sturdy sweetness, layers of semi-sweet chocolate and bittering baking cocoa, big body, well-integrated acidity and roasted almond. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Dambi Uddo – Interplay of chocoalte bittering elements and fruit sweetness, dried pineapple, berry, tropical fruits, hints of dark malt and molasses, a long and complex aftertaste.

Ethiopia Sidama Shentabene Chire – This Sidama makes for a delicate, refined pour over, perfumed pearl jasmine and rose water aroma, simple syrup sweetness, and hints of red apple, Botan rice candies, and black tea.

Check out the latest fun gift ideas we recently added. The mugs feature 360° of canine and feline viewing pleasure. Our latest pins are fun caricatures of Ethiopian coffee cups and the almighty Poppery coffee roaster (popcorn popper)

December 9, 2020

Choosing the right grinder
Nov. 13, 2020 – Latest Coffees
A good grinder can make a big difference when reducing your roasted beans down into little bits and using the right one can really influence the quality of your cup. Your grinder choice should depend on the type of brewing you prefer. Folks looking to pull great espresso shots should invest in a grinder with micro adjustments and a burr set that can grind with high levels of consistency. Other brewing methods give you a little more flexibility in terms of what grinder to choose especially if your are using paper filters. Check out our library for general grinding and brewing tips.
What's on our minds
  • Take 20% off Technivorm brewers until 12/14. Discount applied at checkout. Technivorms brew consistently great coffee and have a reputation for great durability. We even used one in our office kitchen on a daily basis for about a decade with zero complaints.
  • Check out the Fair Trade/Organic Perus we recently added, especially if you like sweet, balanced notes with honey, nuts and brown sugar.
  • Stay tuned for some great new coffees. This Friday, we are looking to add a dry processed Sumatra, Kenya Peaberry and more!

December 11, 2020

El Salvador Energy Independence

Alejandro Valiente has worn many hats in the coffee industry, and  his drive to push technological advancements in coffee production has led him to undertake a major project to run an entire mill off of 100% renewable energy. Alejandro and his team had to customize much of the equipment needed (solar panels/battery banks/wind turbines, etc) to power their wet and dry mills, cupping lab, coffee warehouse and office area. Read more about this inspiring project in our library.

Latest arrivals
Costa Rica Don Oscar La Montana – Backdrop of raw sugar sweetness, an understated raisin note, hints of walnut and baking chocolate. Full City roasts are intense with chocolate roast flavors! Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador – Well-developed sweetness balances bittering baker’s cocoa, with notes of barley malt, pumpernickel, Nutella spread and a licorice root finishing accent. Good for espresso.

Sumatra Dry Process Gunung Tujuh – Palm and date sugar, herbaceous aroma, dried basil, tarragon, fruited accents of fig bar and dried prune, along with a root-y note of sarsaparilla that points to some of the earth tones.
  Kenya Othaya Cooperative Peaberry – Brews up a nice, fruited cup, spiced elements sensed in aroma and flavor, with dark, unrefined sugar sweetness, citrus peel, raisin, dark grape, dried tamarind and pomegranate.  Good for espresso.

Guatemala Atitlán Agricultores Santiago – Dark brown sugar sweetness, capable of intense cocoa roast flavors, bodied and balanced brew, notes of candied almond and chocolate-covered walnut.  Good for espresso.
Small gifts
  • Need a little something to fill in the empty space in those holiday care packages you are sending to friends and family? Check out our fun, small accessories that anyone who enjoys coffee should put to good use.

December 16, 2020

December 16, 2020 – Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and it’s a country that we think produces some of the best in the world. Both the wet-processed and dry processed coffees from Ethiopia are delicious with wet processing producing vividly bright cups containing fruit and floral notes; dry resulting in rustic dried fruit and chocolate flavors. If you haven’t tried roasting Ethiopian coffee yet, we suggest taking a look at our impressive list to see what notes fit your taste buds.

Bullet Restock

We are restocking Aillio Bullets next Tuesday (12/22). Please note that we will start shipping them on 12/28, which means they won’t ship in time for Christmas.

Grounds for Health

Sweet Maria’s is a proud supporter of Grounds for Health, an organization founded by a member of the coffee industry who recognized that thousands of women in coffee-growing communities were dying needlessly from cervical cancer. They partner with coffee cooperatives and communities to ensure these women gain access to the best possible care. CLICK HERE to learn more about Grounds for Health and how buying our 2021 Cars of Coffee calendar can help support them.

December 18, 2020

December 18, 2020 - Latest Coffees
December 18, 2020 – Latest Coffees

Colombia Inzá Veredas Vecinas – Persistent sweetness in the brewed coffee, flavors of molasses sugars, dried raisin and date, and an almond note accenting the aftertaste. Full City sees an increase in bass notes and body. Good espresso.

Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000 Yellow Honey – Sweetness and roast bittering in equal measure, light brown sugar, dark chocolate, hints of dark malted bread, walnut, black currant, and big body that’s firm in texture. Good espresso.


Our podcasts are a cache of coffee info from origin and here at home. We might not be the best at recording high quality audio but we make up for it with years of extensive interviews and insights.

Coffee Preview
2020 is almost over and we still have great green coffees lined up to launch before 2021. During the week of 12/27, keep an eye out for Ethiopia/Sumatra decafs and great adds from Kenya and Colombia.
Our offices will be closed for a few days around xmas and New Years, but you can still place orders during this time.

Holiday Schedule:
December 23, 24, 25 closed
December 31 + January 1 closed

December 21, 2020

December 21, 2020 - Gift Certificates
December 21, 2020 – Gift Certificates

Are you a holiday shopper all out of ideas? We have your back! Our gift certificates are the perfect last minute gift for the coffee drinker on your list. You can even email it to them. Holiday shopping, done and done!

Kenya Coffee Auction

Check out our classic video of what happens at a Kenya coffee auction. There’s also a behind-the-scenes photo gallery that illustrates what Tom calls a “minor miracle”.

Incoming coffees

Coffee is always arriving at our warehouse, because we need to replace it as fast as it sells out. Check out our list of upcoming coffees starting from next week and beyond. Maybe your favorite is on it’s way.

December 30, 2020

December 30, 2020 - Outdoor Roasting
December 30, 2020 – Outdoor Roasting

When roasting outdoors, a little creativity is required when roasting on cold days. Home roasting machines are great at producing high temperatures but aren’t so great at insulating that heat from cold, ambient air. Folks roasting in more mild climates can rig some sort of barrier to recirculate the warm air created by the roaster. Other folks that have real winters like in the mid-west and east coast might need to head indoors for winter roasting. Check out the comments in our latest IG post for a sample of how folks roast during colder months.

Instagram - popper roasting
Ethiopia Miirabawi Buna SWP DecafBittersweet, convincing chocolate roast tones backed by a fruited sweetness, complex hints of berry, bell pepper, dried peach, caramel popcorn and sandalwood. Good for espresso.

Sumatra Aceh Farmers SWP Decaf – Chocolate flavors take on the shape of baking cocoa, semi-sweet chips, carob, along with notes of rice syrup, rye grain and cedar wood. Good for espresso.
Subscriptions, Preview, Hours
  • If Santa hooked you up with a new coffee roaster for Christmas, make sure you always have coffee to roast by taking advantage of our Green Coffee Subscription.
  • We’re getting caught up on orders from the holiday rush, and unfortunately, a few coffee origins have gone out of stock. But not to worry, we are planning on pushing more great coffees to the website next week. Be sure to check back for restocks from El Salvador, Costa Rica and Peru along with Monkey Blend, New Classic Espresso and French Roast blends!
  • Our office and warehouse will be closed for New Years on Dec.31st and Jan.1st. We’ll be back on Mon. to ship out as many coffee orders as humanly possible.

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