Sweet Maria’s Emailer Roundup – November, 2020

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November 6, 2020

November 6th Latest Coffees
November 6, 2020 – Latest Coffees

Colombia Honey Process Nariño Aponte – A sweet and clean honey process coffee, flavors of biscotti, honey on toast, cane soda, and to a lesser degree, raisin and dried apple. So bittersweet in dark roasts.  Good for espresso.

Guatemala Honey Process Finca Rosma – Cleaner, more refined cup flavors than many other naturals, a full-bodied brew with well-articulated acidity, notes of blueberry, fig jam, maple, and palm sugar.

Ethiopia Dry Process Mansur Aba Hikam – A walnut note is enveloped by core flavors of brown sugar and bittersweet chocolate. Big body, the potential for heavy chocolate roast flavors, and mild mannered acidity. Good for espresso.

Nicaragua Dipilto Monte Libano – A walnut note is enveloped by core flavors of brown sugar and bittersweet chocolate. Big body, the potential for heavy chocolate roast flavors, and mild mannered acidity. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul Donaldo Villatoro – An aromatic Guatemalan coffee with brisk acidity, toasted sugar sweetness, and flavor notes of warming spices, Earl Grey tea, dried plum and milk chocolate.

Colombia Nariño Mejor de San Pedro – Made up of the highest scoring Nariño coffees we tasted, panela and honey sweetness are marked by notes of slab apricot, crisp apple, sweet tangerine, and fruited acidity.

What's on our minds

Our current lineup of roasted coffee is awesome. We even roasted our Holiday Expresso Blend.

Girls Gotta Run is a great organization that supports female athletes and scholars in Ethiopia. Check out our recent library post where we explain why Sweet Maria’s donates to GGR.

November 11, 2020

Guatemala Gesha Lot 2
Guatemala Gesha Lot 2

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha Lot 2 – A competition-level and incredibly floral Gesha coffee, notes of star jasmine, lilac, bergamot citrus, orange blossom, Earl Grey and corn silk teas, spiced cider and a candied sweetness underneath it all.

Sumatra Sale

Sumatras are the way to go if you are into thick, rustic notes with low acidity. If you have always been a fan or are looking for a break from your daily driver, now is a good time to stock up since we have a few on sale for 15% off

Clever Holiday Special

The holidays are here and it’s gonna feel real nice when you check a bunch of people off your list when you send them Clever Dripper Holiday Specials. For only 30 bucks, it comes with a Clever, filters and a whole pound of roasted coffee.

November 13, 2020

Nov. 13, 2020
Nov. 13, 2020 – Latest Coffees
These coffees are all about balanced flavor notes. If you were hoping for more floral, citrus and fruited flavors, wait until next week. We are looking to add another Gesha and two Ethiopias which should ease your top note cravings, but for now, it’s all about those well-rounded, comforting, crowd pleasing tastes. And how many of these are good for both drip and espresso? All of em!
Guatemala Xinabajul Productores de PeñaCaramel sweetness and dark chocolate flavor accents lead to notes of caramel flan and butterscotch custard, slight hints of currant and raisin and moderate acidic impression. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Dry Process Abiyot Bobea – A wide range of flavors easily manipulated by roast development, strawberry, caramelized pineapple, dehydrated fruits, hazelnut chocolate, moderate acidity like fruit juice. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Chimaltenango San Martin Jilotepeque – A wide range of flavors easily manipulated by roast development, strawberry, caramelized pineapple, dehydrated fruits, hazelnut chocolate, moderate acidity like fruit juice. Good for espresso.

Mexico Organic Chiapas Sierra Mariscal – Crowd-pleasing cup profile that’s restrained in a way. Aromatic molasses, pungent cacao, tamari-like savory/sweet hint and balanced roast flavors. Good for espresso.

Costa Rica Don Oscar Arracaches – Roast flavors and moderate sweetness make for a well-balanced, darker roasted coffee; bittersweet torte, chocolate malted grains, chipotle dark chocolate.  Good for espresso.
Holiday Shipping Info

The Holidays are pretty much here and we are already experiencing an increase in orders. Consider stocking up early this season for all those pounds of roasted coffee you plan on gifting to friends and family. Curious about what days we’ll be closed and how long it will take for your order to arrive? Check out our Holiday information page.

November 18, 2020

Nov. 18, 2020 - Lalibela, Ethiopia
Nov. 18, 2020 – Lalibela, Ethiopia

Take a look at some amazing photography that Tom captured during his trip to Lalibela, a small town in Northern Ethiopia where churches are actually carved into solid rock. This UNESCO World Heritage Site must be seen to be believed, even if seeing it means looking at it on your laptop.

New products
  • The Sweet Maria’s 2021 Cars of Coffee Calendar is finally here. Hit the road in ’21, pick one up for yourself and grab a few for holiday gifts.
  • We just added a new digital thermometer to our selection of roasting supplies. It comes with a wire thermocouple that you can snake into your roaster and get accurate temperature readings.
What's on our mind
  • Did you know you can filter our green coffee list and just shop for coffees with the flavors you enjoy. You can sort by fruited, floral, chocolate bittersweets, good for espresso and many more. Look for our flavor filters on the left side of our coffee list the next time you are in the mood to simplify your coffee shopping.
  • Remember to check out our Holiday Page for shipping updates and closure dates.

November 20, 2020

Nov. 20, 2029 - Latest Coffees
Nov. 20, 2020 – Latest Coffees

Panama La Esmeralda Gesha 1500 – A show stopper when roasted light, floral peach and jasmine aroma, a tightly-knit profile of brown sugar with top notes of orange marmalade, honey tangerine and apricot juice.

Papua New Guinea Korgua Estate Peaberry – Korgua brews a medium-bodied cup, moderate acidity, dense toffee sweetness, hints of lemongrass and berry, dark tea and chocolatey roast flavors with roast development.

Kenya Nyeri Kiandu AB – A complex Kenya with flavor notes of orange spice, caramelizing sugars, black cherry, pomegranate, grape and an aromatic finish of cardamom, all-spice and clove powders.

El Salvador Santa Ana Pacamara AAA – Focused sweetness with flavors of nougat, brown sugar and caramel, marked by top notes of orange, candied lemon peel and tannic, black tea in the finish. Keep this one light and bright!

Colombia Caicedo Las Alegrias – Fruited intimations both dehydrated and wine-like, canned plum, apple, pear tart berry and an acidic impression somewhat subtle but structuring.

The return of the blends! – New Classic. Espresso Monkey and Moka Kadir are back in stock.

Remember our roasted coffee – Are you behind on your roasting schedule? Or maybe you just want to taste our roasts. Either way we have you covered with delicious roasted coffee from Sumatra and El Salvador. Blends too!

When will your coffee arrive?

Wondering when your favorite coffee is going to be back in stock? Predicting when it will appear on our list again can be tricky since the crop cycle, logistics and shipping can all be variables. Check out our recent article where we dive into the details and give you a rundown of the coffees we know are en route to our Oakland warehouse.

Central America Updates

Hurricane Iota ripped through parts of Central America this week, displacing thousands, causing infrastructural damage and loss of life. Honduras and Nicaragua were hit particularly hard, with flooding in lowland areas, and landslides damaging coffee crops and homes in mountain communities. The hurricane continues on toward the Caribbean, but the rainy season continues to threaten mudslides in parts of the coffee growing regions in both countries. We spoke with our partners in Ocotal, northern Nicaragua who were spared much damage at their farms, though some roads leading out of town were still impassable. This all comes at the middle of the coffee harvest and remains to be seen how quickly critical access points to the coffee communities can be recovered.

November 25, 2020

Nov. 25, 2020 - Latest Coffees
Nov. 25, 2020 – Latest Coffees

Brazil Dry Process Fazenda Serrinha – Serrinha brews up a big bodied, low-toned cup, with rustic sweetness, and hints of Brazil nut, peanut, and dried prune. Good for espresso.

Mexico Chiapas Agricultores de Paraíso – Cooked sugar to caramel, an appealing buttery note in the nose, and chocolatey low tones inform a bittering, high % cacao bar flavor in the finish.

Costa Rica Tarrazu El Indio – Well suited for medium to dark roasts, clean and balanced, milk chocolate, raw sugar, chocolate wafer cookie, hazelnut, and Dutch cocoa powder. Good for espresso.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Chuchitos Lot 2 – A balanced cup profile sure to garner wide appeal, with baked sugar and chocolate bittersweets, hints of marshmallow and candy corn, and rounded mouthfeel. Good espresso. Use code GUAT15 to get 15% off this coffee.

Aeropress GO

Looking for a compact brewer that takes up even less space than the original AeroPress? We just started carrying the AeroPress Go. It’s a brewer, filters, stirrer and scoop that all pack into it’s own cup.

15% off
  • We are dropping the price of Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Chuchitos Lot 2 for Sweet Maria’s Emailer subscribers only. Lucky you! Use the following coupon code after adding this delicious coffee to your cart and get 15% off.   GUAT15 (expires 12/10/2020)

Sweet Maria’s will be closed on Thurs. 11/26 and Fri. 11/27 for Thanksgiving. We’ll be back on Mon. morning to ship as many orders as humanly possible.

Shipping update: We are experiencing delays of up to 3-5 business days

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