Sweet Maria’s Emailer Roundup – February, 2021

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February 3, 2021

Kenya Nyeri Kamoini Peaberry – Bodied, a plump blackberry note, fruits cooked with brown sugar like pineapple upside down cake, accents of clove and nutmeg, and blueberry acidic impression. Good for espresso.

Colombia EA Café Quindio Decaf – Simple brown sugar sweetness, sucanat, a dried apple note, carob-type ‘chocolate’ flavors, structuring acidity (!) and some minerality in the finish. Good for espresso.

Sweet Maria’s has donated to World Coffee Research over the years and the sales of our annual calendar helps us to raise those funds. We feel it’s important to support their global efforts as they fight for the future of coffee and the coffee industry.

  • Our Staff Picks sample set just launched a few days ago and it’s been so popular, we have already sold out of two of the four coffees in the set. Sumatra Kirinci Coop Honey Labu and Ethiopia Uraga Tebe Harao Wato remain so act soon if you want to try the coffees that Tom really enjoys.

February 5, 2021

February 5, 2021 – Latest Coffees

Check out the most recent additions to our green coffee list. If you have been waiting for Burundis to get restocked, today is your lucky day.

Ethiopia Dry Process Tarekech Werasa – Tarekech Waresa touches on dried, unsulfured fruits such as apricot and raspberry, as well as a blueberry taffy note, with a rustic herbal hint roasted cacao nib and chocolate-covered strawberry in the finish.

Sumatra Dry Process Ribang Gayo – About as wild as they come, fruits hit an overripe edge, with notes of strawberry, fermented banana, green melon and a honey-nut flavor that gives it a “fruit and granola” characteristic.

Burundi Monge Murambi Hill – Honey and raw sugar, hints of apple, clove, all-spice, fragrant lemon grass aroma and orange spice black tea. Medium roasts develop a dark chocolate, berry note. Good for espresso.

Burundi Kazoza N’Ikawa Coop – A stunning cup when roasted to City/City+, “light and bright” cup characteristics for Burundi, sugarcane juice sweetness, raisin and allspice notes, acidity like sweet lime and cinnamon tea spiced aroma. City to Full City.

Burundi Commune Mutambu – Such a versatile Burundi, somewhat neutral sweetness is accented by complex baking spices, creamed honey, loose leaf black tea and bittering cocoa when roasted dark. Good for espresso.

As you can see in the list above, the new Burundis are here. Why do we think they are so good? Take a look at a recent article we wrote about why the cup quality is so amazing.

Supporting an economy through coffee can contribute to the success of a coffee origin but it’s not always the total solution. In this archived article, Tom elaborates on how the global coffee market can be complicated.

February 10, 2021

Ethiopia Gera Nano Challa Cooperative – Amber honey sweetness opens up to fruited flavors of orange marmalade, unsulfured apricot, peach tea, along with hints of wood spice, tenedam herb, and lemon balm. Great Ethiopian espresso!

Timor Organic SWP Letefoho Decaf – The perfect decaf for espresso! It’s so viscous and chocolatey bittersweet, cinnamon-spiced cocoa, baking chocolate, roasted cacao nibs and more. An ideal base for decaf milk drinks too. Good for espresso.

There’s not a whole lot of coffee travel going on these days so it’s fun to take a look back at all the trips Tom’s been on. Hop on into our coffee library and check out years of photos and memories. Don’t get lost.

February 12, 2021

February 12, 2021 – Latest Coffees
Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Yellow Bourbon – Balanced flavors, rounded sweetness, notes of marzipan, caramel-coated nut, pear and apple notes, lively acidity, and Mexican hot chocolate in the darker roasts.

Kenya Nyeri Kiruga Peaberry – Bright, citric, with a succinct, clean finish, layers of sweetness are peeled back, notes of panela, maple, cane juice, along with all-spice, chamomile tea, golden raisin, grape and apricot.

Brazil Dry Process Carmo Estates – Medium roasts pull out a convincing mixture of sweet and bittering roast flavors, accent notes of peanut chews, cooked sugars, honey granola and roasted cacao nibs. Good for espresso.

Mexico Chiapas Cerro Brujo Don Sergio – A ‘complete’ cup with regard to developed sweetness and subtle top notes, brown sugar flavors, molasses aroma, subtle hint of orange and dried fruit that don’t detract from core sweetness. Limited supply. Sold in 1lb bags only.

Gren Coffee Outlook

Trying to figure out if you should double down on our current green selection or hold off since everyone knows that there’s always new coffee getting added on a weekly basis? Check out our recently updated February/March Green Coffee Outlook page and get a general idea of what coffees are coming down the pipeline so you can plan ahead.

February 17, 2021

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
At a glance, our green coffee list can be intimidating due to the large selection but we do our best to make your shopping experience quick and easy. If the time you spend shopping for coffee has ever cut into the time you should have spent roasting it, here’s a few tips.

Use our filters. We aren’t talking coffee brewing filters. We are talking about the filters on our website that help you view a coffee list with flavor attributes you like. Take a look at the left side (desktop) or top (mobile) of your screen the next time you are coffee shopping and you will see a handy-dandy list of flavors like “fruited”, “floral”, “honey, etc for you to choose from. You can even filter by price, processing, etc

A lot of work goes into how we describe each coffee and we have years of experience doing so, so we hope you trust us to only offer you the best and to describe each coffee as accurately as possible. The next time you are shopping for your next green coffee purchase, trust your taste buds and lean toward buying coffees with descriptions that make your mouth water. If you like caramel, pears and apples and we claim a coffee has those notes, there’s a really good chance you will enjoy it.

Consider getting a Green Coffee Sample Set if you are still indecisive or if almost any high quality coffee will do. You will get an awesome variety of offerings from different parts of the world. They are all the same delicious coffees that we are currently selling or are selling out of.

Green Coffee Sample Set

More info on how to choose the best coffees for you.

How to Replace a Favorite (with video)
Choosing Coffee: Too Many Choices?

February 19, 2021

Latest Arrivals - February 19, 2021
Latest Arrivals – February 19, 2021
Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh Cooperative – Rice syrup, palm sugar, barley tea, earth-toned hints of peet and burdock, intense chocolate roast flavors, a durian note, complex finishing flavors of rye and black pepper. Good for espresso.

Burundi Honey Process Gahahe – Sweet, clean cup character like wet process Burundi, burned sugar sweetness, bergamot orange aroma, old fashioned spice cookies, and an acidic impression like strong black tea. Good for espresso.

Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm Peaberry – Fruit and brown sugar sweetness are intense, accents of grape, fresh date, fig, blackberry crumble, a woody incense aromatic note, and well-integrated, berry-like acidity.

Ethiopia Dry Process Tesema Mamo – Rustic sorghum syrup, opaque bittersweetness, leathery dried fruit, strawberry, very high % cacao bar, aromatic balsa wood aroma, dried goji. I love this coffee as espresso.

Brazil Dry Process Patrocínio Ricardo Vagne – An refined cup profile for Brazil, sweet fruit notes with just a touch of wine character, subtle warming spice, molasses sugar, berry-like acidity, and a long, sweet finish.

Peru Restock

We recently added restocked our Peru selection. Now you have two great ones to choose from. Both are great for drip and espresso.

Peru Jaen Granjeros de Huabal – Versatile, a sweet cup from light to dark roasting, notes of almond paste, hazelnut liqueur, chunky chocolate, and malic-like brightness underscores a red apple note. Good for espresso.

Peru Nuevo Trujillo Marcial Olivera – One of our brighter Peru’s, City roasts produce a bright acidic impression, fruit hints of black currant and red apple, opaque date sugar sweetness and hints of tree nut. Good for espresso.

Looking Forward

Is a coffee crop “new” when it shows up on our website or when it arrives at our warehouse? When it’s loaded onto a ship on its way to Oakland? Or how about when the coffee cherries are starting to mature at origin? In his latest article, Dan talks about how our new crop is the coffee landing now from the latest crop available and included some updates on future “new” arrivals from different origins like Guatemala, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

February 24, 2021

Latest Arrivals - Feb. 24, 2021
Latest Arrivals – Feb. 24, 2021
Colombia Inzá Floro Pillimué – A great option for both brew and espresso, sweet at its core, flavors of crisped toffee, brown sugar caramels, bittersweet cocoa powder, and fudgey chocolate truffles in the aftertaste. Good for espresso.

Kenya Nyeri Chinga Peaberry – Grounding sweetness is fully developed at City+, flavor notes of black strap molasses, brown sugar cookie dough, subtle hints of raisin, blackberry and grape.

New. On the Horizon

If you haven’t seen Dan’s latest post yet,  it’s worth a look, especially if you have ever pondered if “new” coffee is coffee being harvested, shipped, stocked or “new” in your mailbox. He even drops a few harvest updates from origins like Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more great green coffees this week. Before the weekend, we plan on adding Guatemala, Burundi wet and dry processed, a Brazil dry process and a Brazil pulp natural relaunch. Rwanda too.

February 26, 2021

Feb. 26, 2021 - Latest Arrivals
Feb. 26, 2021 – Latest Arrivals

Guatemala Cuilco Finca El Regalito – Elegant at City roast level, an undercurrent of brown sugar sweetness, accented by black tea with lemon spritz, a perfumed honey grace note, and shining acidity. Hallmarks of a competition-level Guatemalan coffee.

Burundi Dry Process Gaterama Agahore – Unapologetic “dry process” flavors that should satisfy those longing for berry-toned naturals ala “Harrar”. Blackberry reduction, maple syrup, rustic dried fruit and earthy accents.

Brazil Dry Process Amecafe Cooperative – Hefty body gives way to hints of fruit and creamy nut tones, Brazil nut, hazelnut, almond flour, cocoa powder, freeze dried berry, and earth-toned carob and cacao husk aroma.

Burundi Rwiri Yagikawa – A medium-bodied coffee with silky mouthfeel, turbinado sweetness, opening up to hints of chamomile and roasted barley teas, clove powder, and a subtle whiff of orange in the nose.

Rwanda Nyamasheke Macuba – Macuba shows a subtle spiced aroma, with flavors of torched sugar, vanilla caramel, dark toffee, molasses, and a hint of spiced rum.

Brazil Pulp Natural Fazenda Alta Vista – Medium roasts pull out a convincing mixture of sweet and bittering roast flavors, accent notes of peanut chews, cooked sugars, honey granola and roasted cacao nibs. Good for espresso.


Green coffee is our main jam but did you know we sell roasted coffee too? We crank out a few batches every two weeks with our trusty Probat L12, bag up full pounds in un-fancy but very functional valve bags and ship it to a lot of mailboxes that same week. Ordering a few pounds is a great way to compare your roasts to ours or a backup plan in case you fell off of your home roasting schedule.


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