Category: The Trade

What we mean by “the trade” is the commercial activity of coffee from our limited perspective as a small company. There’s likely a lot of opinion and a little snark located here, as the relationship is contentious for us. We don’t love globalism, free trade, and the sordid remnants of colonialism. But anyway … here we are, selling coffee. :-/ Here we have articles on the organizations, on commodities, on coffee history etc.

sweet maria's crew unloading the incoming green coffee on bean board pallets

Sweet Maria’s Green Coffee List: When to Expect New Coffee Arrivals

A look at the coffee crop cycle and other factors that affect our Green Coffee List (jump directly to the lists of upcoming and incoming

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Kenya Coffee Grades: Exploring the Coffee Grading System

A geeky macro video of the various grades and types of Kenya coffee. Some of this information can apply to wet processed coffee elsewhere too! -Tom

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Warehouse Nyeri Kenya

Coffee Science: Global Coffee Market and the Commodity Exchange of Coffee

Coffee research articles about the global coffee market, coffee value, Fair Trade, and commodity fetishism! I am interested in critical theory around commodities and coffee

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Kanji Lali Estate, propagating n39a - mbozi compact

The Mania of Tanzania: The Tanzanian Coffee Trade

Tanzania has been considered by traders as a “lesser Kenya” in many respects. That’s not fair though. In the commercial business, it is the source

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