Category: The Trade

What we mean by “the trade” is the commercial activity of coffee from our limited perspective as a small company. There’s likely a lot of opinion and a little snark located here, as the relationship is contentious for us. We don’t love globalism, free trade, and the sordid remnants of colonialism. But anyway … here we are, selling coffee. :-/ Here we have articles on the organizations, on commodities, on coffee history etc.

Guatemala Coffee Buying Overview and Roasting Fundamentals Review

An overview of our Guatemala coffee buying, one of our biggest coffee origins, with links to some of our most popular Guatemalan coffee roasting information

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ripe coffee cherry at hafursa cooperative in yirga cheffe ethiopia

Ethiopia Harvest Trek in December

The last destination on our 3-part December 2009 journey was Sidamo and Yirga Cheffe areas of South Ethiopia. We were hoping to get to Moredocofe

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Organic Certification and Green Coffee

An inside look at Fair Trade and Organic Certifications

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talking to farmers in Timor Leste

Our Approach to Green Coffee Pricing Fairness

Prices we pay for coffee in relation to the global coffee exchange and fair trade Here at Sweet Maria’s and CoffeeShrub, our buying has changed

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