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Roasted Coffee Color Card Envelope

Sweet Maria’s Roasted Coffee Color Card

We created this card as an inexpensive tool to help determine the degree of roast. Trying to match up the terms we use for roasted

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Popper-Heat-Dial- template printable

Popper Heat Dial Template

The Popper coffee roaster heat dial doesn’t have marks … here is a template you can print to add some! Some people like the Popper

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Popper Coffee Roaster Line Art

Having an Issue? Popper Troubleshooting Tips

Roast too fast? Not dark enough? Something seems wrong with the roaster? Here’s some tips to solve Popper coffee roaster problems This is an FAQ

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Roasting Multiple Batches in the Popper Coffee Roaster (and Sample Roasting too)!

How to achieve consistent roast results from one roast batch to the next on the Popper coffee roaster. This is our basic guide to roasting

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espresso shot crema from above in a demitasse

A Single Origin Espresso Set to Pull You Through the Holiday Season

A closer look at the four amazing coffees in our Holiday Single Origin Espresso Set (or hop on over and grab yourself a Holiday Single

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No, the Behmor 1600 Series Doesn’t Run Hotter than the 2000AB Plus

After Testing the Behmor 2000AB Plus and 1600 Plus Heating Elements, here’s what we found: “The new Behmor’s don’t get as hot as the old

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Popper Coffee Roaster Front View

Popper is a Coffee Roaster: Information and FAQ page

A review of a new home coffee roaster called Popper; moderately priced, manually controlled. We are excited to launch a new home roaster that offers

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