Green Coffee Outlook – August 2022 – for Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub

Stay up to date on coffee we have coming down the pipeline and our latest green coffee outlook and arrivals schedule.

Coffee containers continue to trickle in from East Coast ports, and along the Gulf, albeit at a sluggish pace. Don’t get me wrong, we’re glad they’re moving at all. This time last year we had a half-dozen boxes stuck off the coast of Shanghai with no departure date in sight.

Oakland Port is still the least attractive destination for our coffee. Even with last week’s trucker strike over AB-5 quelled, the port continues to be plagued by the number of incoming TEU’s (twenty-foot containers) far outnumbering outgoing. With very little space in the yard, incoming containers are shuffled behind stacks of empties where they often sit for weeks on end with a status of “unaccessible”. Our last box took over a month to pass through this mess, which is why we continue to move coffee to ports in Texas, and along the East Coast, transferring to Oakland from there.

a group of farmers pose for a photo at the Duromina coffee cooperative
Farmers pose for a photograph at the Duromina Cooperative site in Agaro, Ethiopia.

A half-dozen containers from Ethiopia have landed in Houston, and one-by-one are reaching their final Oakland destination at Continental Terminals Annex. If you receive our newsletters you probably saw the latest Ethiopian additions, a pair of organic coffees from the Duromina and Genji Challa cooperatives. These two stellar western coffees are the first of 8, with Yukiro and Nano Challa slated to go up next. Behind them, we have southern lots from Guji and Yirga Cheffe on the way, as well as the beginning of a string of dry process lots, which typically come later than washed.

Central American coffees are also coming in hot, the latest being our only two containers from Huehuetenango. These coffees are comprised of coffees from small holders in the upper altitude zones, all part of our Proyecto Xinabajul buying project that we started almost a decade ago. There’s a slight delay in getting these into our warehouse, but you can look for the first coffees by the 3rd week of August.

Next up are full container-plus volumes from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. The latter arrived a couple weeks ago, and are already safe and sound in Oakland. We have sizable lots from Finca La Esperanza and Finca Miravalle going up over the next two weeks.

Preparing to cup test a table of farm samples at a coffee association in Buesaco, Colombia.
Preparing to cup test a table of farm samples at a coffee association in Buesaco, Colombia.

Origin Updates

  • Colombia: We’re selecting coffees from the middle harvests in Nariño, La Plata, and Inzá for a September/October delivery. The Colombian harvest was hit hard by heavy rains that disrupted coffee shrub flowering, and resulted in very low production. Coffee scarcity has worked to reinforce high prices in the region, which puts a strain on the availability of micro-lots. Many farmers would rather take the record base price for all their coffee, then hassle with separating out quality for a second premium that won’t paid til the end of the harvest season. Who can blame them? Thankfully, a well-established core of farmers we buy from in these areas continue to do that work, and we don’t expect our own volumes to suffer.
  • Peru: We are trying a new avenue for coffee this year from a coffee cooperative in a region I won’t yet mention. I will say that the location is pretty far off the beaten path in a high altitude area unfamiliar to us, which is exciting! This project is being spearheaded by an organic farmer/coffee exporter we work with in Colombia who was introduced to the coop through an organization he is a part of who promote organic farming methods through education and training. The coop is 500 members strong, and most of their well-established group of producers are already employing organic farming methods. We’re excited about the potential from this group, and look forward to tasting the first samples toward the end of August.
  • Burundi & Rwanda: Thankfully for Burundi coffee farmers, the 2022 harvest surpassed the disastrously low numbers of 2021. The quality of this years’ coffee has been quite good too. We started cup testing samples on a May visit to neighboring Rwanda, and are now putting the final touches on our contracts for the year. Rwanda had an up-year as well, surpassing last year’s harvest volumes. 2022 Rwandan contracts are also being finalized, and the contents of our first containers are already listed in the Incoming Coffee list below. Look for the remaining lots we have coming in from both countries in July.

Upcoming green coffees currently on the schedule to be added to our website:

Please keep in mind that the coffees on the Upcoming Coffee Outlook schedule with a location status of “In Transit” are still a bit of a wild card, and the month we have them listed under is based on the current shipping ETA, and subject to interruptions out of our control. Thanks for your patience!

August Coffee Outlook

Coffee LotBagsSizeLocation
Brazil Carmo Fazenda Furnas7460 KGOakland
Colombia Cresta El Hato1170 KGOakland
El Salvador Dry Process Finca San Luis669 KGOakland
El Salvador Finca Miravalle Tabi4170 KGOakland
El Salvador Finca La Esperanza7560 KGOakland
Ethiopia Yukiro Cooperative5060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Geta Bore SWP Decaf3960 KGOakland
Ethiopia Gera Ayetu Farm14060 KGOakland
Ethiopia Organic Gera Nano Challa8060 KGOakland
Flores Wolo Wio3860 KGOakland
Flores Dry Process Bei Poso Village760 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Peña Roja8969 KGOakland
Guatemala Antigua Pulcal4046 KGOakland
Guatemala Acatenango Gesha4046 KGOakland
Guatemala Antigua Cabrejo5046 KGOakland
Honduras Ocotepeque San Marcos1569 KGOakland
Honduras Productores de La Paz4869 KGOakland
Kenya Kiambu Riabai AB1460 KGOakland
Kenya Muranga Kagumoini AB4060 KGOakland
Sulawesi Honey Process Gowa560 KGOakland
Sulawesi Gowa Desa Topidi560 KGOakland
Timor Leste Taurema1860 KGOakland
Timor Leste Lekisala4069 KGOakland
Yemen Khulani Amer14732 KGOakland
Zambia Dry Process Kateshi Estate1560 KGOakland

September Coffee Outlook (so far!)

Coffee LotBagsSizeLocation
Brazil Mogiana Vera Lucia2060 KGOakland
Costa Rica Chirripo Corazon de Jesus2069 KGOakland
Costa Rica Zarcero Finca Salaca4069 KGOakland
El Salvador Apaneca Finca Miravalle4869 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Flavio Del Cerro2569 KGOakland
Guatemala Xinabajul Producers4069 KGOakland
Guatemala Antigua La Parcela Melanie546 KGOakland
Rwanda Honey Process Karambi3060 KGOakland
Rwanda Nyamasheke Macuba4560 KGOakland
Zambia Mafinga Hills Peaberry (name may change)6060 KGOakland
Sweet Maria's Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer
Sweet Maria’s Coffee Shrub Coffee Sourcerer

Incoming coffees currently on the water: June – July

African Arrivals

Coffee LotsBagsSizeETA
Ethiopia Agaro Kedamai Coop6060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Organic Agaro Hunda Oli Coop8060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Organic Geta Bore Coop8060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Guji Buku Sayisa5060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Banko Gotiti7060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Sidama Arsi Refisa10060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Chelbesa10060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Gedeb16060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Idido16060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Taaroo16060 KGLANDED
Ethiopia Dry Process Hambela Benti Nenka16060 KGLANDED
Kenya Thika Oreti AA1260 KGLANDED
Kenya Thika Oreti AB1960 KGLANDED
Kenya Thika Oreti Peaberry160 KGLANDED
Kenya Kirinyaga Wanja AA1460 KGLANDED
Kenya Muranga Nguku AB4560 KGLANDED
Kenya Muranga Nguku Peaberry460 KGLANDED
Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm AA1860 KGLANDED
Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm AB6660 KGLANDED
Kenya Kiambu Fram Farm Peaberry460 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Gichichi AA460 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Gichichi AB1160 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Gaikundo AA1460 KGLANDED
Kenya Kirinyaga Thunguri AB1460 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Rukira AB2060 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Maganjo AA960 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Mahiga AA1960 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Mahiga PB760 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA5060 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AB7060 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Gatugi PB2660 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kiaguthu AA2760 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kiaguthu PB1060 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini AA3460 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini AB5360 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kamoini Peaberry1260 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kagunyu AA1560 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Kagunyu AB1360 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Ichamama AA5060 KGLANDED
Kenya Nyeri Ichamama PB2160 KGLANDED

Latin American Arrivals

Latin American ArrivalsBagsSizeETA
El Salvador Miravalle Centroamericaono6669 KGLANDED
El Salvador Apaneca Finca Miravalle4869 KGLANDED
El Salvador Miravalle Sampacho5469 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Aler Villatoro6669 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Aurelio Del Cerro5869 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Boqueroncito5069 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Rosalio Villatoro5669 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul San Pedro Necta2569 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Jose Villatoro2069 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajulu Bojonalito1669 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Flavio Del Cerro2569 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Peña Roja8969 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Virgilio2569 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Producers4069 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Idmar de Jesus Velasquez2569 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul El Paraiso2669 KGLANDED
Guatemala Xinabajul Michicoy2969 KGLANDED
Panama Boquete La Gloria5069 KGLANDED
Panama Boquete Gesha769 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Zarcero Finca Salaca4069 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Honey Process Palmichal4069 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Yellow Honey La Guaria5069 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Honey Palmichal Vecindario3069 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Red Honey Los Monge3069 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Santa Maria Solis y Cordero3069 KGLANDED
Costa Rica Red Honey Corazon de Jesus2069 KGLANDED

Africa Incoming Coffees

Ethiopia Dry Process Guji Gerba10060 KGAug 1
Ethiopia Dry Process Buno Dambi Uddo12060 KGAug 1
Ethiopia Dry Process Abiyot Bobea10060 KGAug 1
Ethiopia Organic Dry Process Burka Gudina20060 KGAug 17
Ethiopia Kecho Anderecha13060 KGETD 7/30 – ETA 9/17
Ethiopia Dry Process Mansur Aba Hikam5060 KGETD 7/30 – ETA 9/17
Ethiopia Dry Process Mahamed Aba Nura5060 KGETD 7/30 – ETA 9/17
Ethiopia Dry Process Aba Mecha2060 KGETD 7/30 – ETA 9/17
Ethiopia Dry Process Aba Bulgu7060 KGETD 7/30 – ETA 9/17
Tanzania Tarime Town AB4060 KGJuly 26
Tanzania Mara Tarime Peaberry1060 KGJuly 26
Rwanda Kivu Kageyo5560 KGTBD
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba4060 KGTBD
Rwanda Karongi Gitesi5060 KGTBD
Rwanda Nyamasheke5060 KGTBD
Rwanda Rulindo Mutovu4560 KGTBD
Rwanda Nyamasheke Gitwe5060 KGTBD
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba1060 KGTBD
Rwanda Honey Process Gatare2060 KGTBD
Rwanda Nyamasheke Peaberry3060 KGTBD
Rwanda Nyamasheke Peaberry3560 KGTBD
Rwanda Gatare5460 KGTBD

Indonesia & SE Asia Incoming Coffees

Coffee LotBagsSizeETA
Sumatra Kerinci Barokah Bersama5060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Wet Process Barokah Coop3060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Honey Process Barokah Coop3060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Honey Labu Barokah Bersama3060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Dry Process Barokah Coop2060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Aceh Bebesen Aulia2060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Honey Process Bebesen Aulia1060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Anaerobic Bebesen Aulia1060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Wet Process Ribang Gayo4060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Lintong Sigumpar Village3060 KGNot Shipped
Sumatra Aceh Teritit5060 KGNot Shipped

Central America Incoming Coffees

Central AmericaBagsSizeETA
El Salvador Santa Ana Pacas5069 KGJuly 30
El Salvador Santa Ana Pacamara1069 KGJuly 30
El Salvador Honey Process Santa Ana1069 KGJuly 30
Nicaragua Jinotega La Bastilla Estate2069 KGAug 1
Nicaragua Altiplanos Java4969 KGAug 1
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Los Pinos3069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Finca El Lino2069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Ojo de Agua3069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires4069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna4069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador1069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra1069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Maracaturra Juniors2069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Honey Process Buenos Aires1069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Honey Process San Salvador Java269 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Dry Process Buenos Aires569 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Dry Process El Suyatal1069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal4069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador2069 KGETD 7/31 – ETA 8/29
Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires2069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Buenos Aires San Salvador2069 KGTBD
Nicaragua Buenos Aires Maracaturra Juniors2069 KGTBD
Costa Rica Tarrazú Cerro La Cruz2569 KGTBD
Costa Rica Jardin de Aromas2569 KGTBD
Costa Rica Helsar Eliomar Lopez2569 KGTBD
Costa Rica Don Oscar Hermanos Solis2569 KGTBD
Costa Rica Tarrazú Cerro La Cruz2569 KGTBD
Costa Rica Tarrazú La Casona2069 KGTBD

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