Category: The Trade

What we mean by “the trade” is the commercial activity of coffee from our limited perspective as a small company. There’s likely a lot of opinion and a little snark located here, as the relationship is contentious for us. We don’t love globalism, free trade, and the sordid remnants of colonialism. But anyway … here we are, selling coffee. :-/ Here we have articles on the organizations, on commodities, on coffee history etc.

Video: Guatemalan Coffee Crop, 2019 Coffee Clips

A few fairly low tech clips and some thoughts on coffee processing and coffee buying in Guatemala.

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Podcast: Kafa Ethiopia in the Morning (Podcast Ep. 24)

Tom’s thoughts and various experiences from his recent travels in Kafa, Ethiopia, near the town of Bonga. Kafa EthiopiaEthiopia is the birthplace of coffee: it

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Judges of Taza Dorada coffee competition in Loja, Ecuador

Ecuador Coffee Tasting and Farm Visits

A trip to Ecuador for the Taza Dorada competition in October and November 2009 In Late October and early November, I went to EcuadorEcuador has

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Mpemba Cooperative

Burundi Coffee Farm Visits

A selected set of photos from my 2012 travels in Burundi, visiting farms, coffee cooperatives and an old Sogestal site. Visiting BurundiBurundi coffee bears resemblance

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Burundi Bujumbura Coffee Competition – A 2011 Trip

Before there was a Burundi Cup of Excellence there was something else called the Prestige Cup. I went, I cupped, I swam in the pool.

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Is It a Sell Out?

Coffee companies are “teaming up with friends” and “partnering with investors” to “better serve the community.” I smell a stinker. There has been a strange

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