Category: Roast

Roasting is at the core of what we do at Sweet Maria’s, so you will find many sub-categories focused on the type of home roasting (air, drum) and a category called Roast Theory, about approaches, profiles and other roast issues.

First crack coffee roasting

Coffee Class- First Crack, Second Crack and Bean Changes in the Roast

Our classroom has been closed a year, so I thought I would make a video presentation about coffee roasting bean changes through first crack and

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Larry Cotton - All In One Wobble Disk Roaster

All-In-One Wobble Disk DIY Coffee Roaster

Home roaster and Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton created another awesome DIY coffee roaster. The difference between this and his past creations is this one

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a guide to pre-heating your behmor coffee roaster

Pre-Heating the Behmor Coffee Roaster: What to Know About Warming Up Your Machine

Our guide to pre-heating vs. not pre-heating the Behmor coffee roaster and what to expect. A topic that comes up a lot with BehmorA popular

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Behmor Panel Installation Video

A Step-by-Step Installation Guide to the Behmor Upgrade Kits

Installing the Behmor Upgrade Kits is easier than you think and enhances many roasting features. Jump to the video tutorial BehmorA popular electric drum roaster

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the behmor 1600 plus and 2000 ab plus side by side

Roasting Coffee Light in the Behmor Coffee Roaster

Our recommendation for roasting coffee light in the Behmor coffee roaster is easy to follow and with great results (jump to our light roast instructions

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