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This cross-category Video basket holds all types of material, from our travel and farm-visit videos, product showcases, DIY repairs, and other types. Most are embeded from our YouTube channel.

Kenya Coffee Grades: Exploring the Coffee Grading System

A geeky macro video of the various grades and types of Kenya coffee. Some of this information can apply to wet processed coffee elsewhere too! -Tom

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Video: Wobble Disk DIY Homemade Coffee Roaster

Another Ingenious Coffee Roaster Designed by Larry Cotton Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton occasionally sends us detailed videos that show off his elaborate roaster builds.

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Cupping Safety: No-Share with Rattleware Cupping Brewer

If the new cupping protocols have you stressed out, the Cupping Brewer by Rattleware is a great solution. Good news: SCASCA is the newly formed

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